The loft is currently undergoing a MAJ nesting overhaul. We’ve flipped floors around {quite literally, our bedroom is now on the ground floor!}, repainted, reorganized and sadly, had to get rid of our team Apartment 34 office in the process.

While the room was a great for an office space, now our bedroom occupies the only room in the loft with uncarpeted cement floors and things are feeling more than a little cold! And needing to get up a million times a night to care for a newborn {eek!!}, we need a solution to this situation asap! A rug is the answer – it instantly warms up a space, adding texture and dimension, but finding a well made, timeless option isn’t always so easy. So we’re on an intense hunt for the perfect rug!


But what to do? We could go graphic with a bold print. Or be uber “now” and go Moroccan. I love the way some rugs instantly bring color or pattern to play into the space! I’m slowly turning the corner on the idea of injecting color into the loft, but per usual I’m leaning towards something in a neutral color palette at the moment. The great thing about a neutral rug is that it could quite literally more from one room to the next. From the bedroom to the living room, play room or dining room, investing in something that can be a utility player around the house {and in my case, from one house to the next!} is so important. I’m really loving the options that Loloi Rugs has to offer. The sophisticated prints will stand the test of trending times and they have quite the selection from tribal to contemporary!


Now, just to pick one! Which rug do you vote? I’m leaning towards #5. I’d love something really graphic with a hint of black, but they’re all so gorgeous it makes it hard to decide. I would so appreciate your help on this one. I can’t wait to get something soft over that concrete.

Our feet thank you for your advice in advance!

image 1+ 3 via Home Adore // 2 via Artek

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What do you think?

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  1. I like number three for its simplicity. Of course, with your excellent taste, whatever you choose will be a winner.

  2. I love #5. .. my second choice would be #8. I can see either one of those working in the new house too. Cheers for happy feet.. and happy babes…

  3. I think #5 is beautiful & would look great; it would also work well in other areas. I would just be worried about how busy it is. #8 seems more calming. But thats just me; decor is a very personal choice. Have fun picking.

  4. We need a rug too, but man, they’re so expensive!! I’ve been trying to find a steal for a while.

  5. I have number 4 and while it’s gorgeous and super soft, it’s less than a year old and has not worn well at all.

  6. my favorites are 1, 4, and 7! however, there weren’t any that I disliked! 🙂

  7. Can you tell us all if the #1 rug is the same rug as the one in the third photo? I just saw a photo of a room with gray walls, lots of white woodwork and very warm toned wood dining room table and chairs. They put a rug with similar colors as photo 3 and royal blue fabric on the chair seats. It looked fantastic! The rug was much more contemporary but a similar palette. If rug 1 and photo 3 are the same I might buy it!