So now that I’m a…why can’t I wear the label of mom?? I still haven’t quite figured that out…but I digress. Now that I’m lady with a baby, I don’t want my hair to immediately give it away! For the last two months my hair has sat in the I-Can’t-Remember-the-Last-Time-I-Was-Washed topknot. And if I do manage to take it down, my hair just hangs there depleted of the pregnancy induced health and bounce it once enjoyed.

So I’m on a mission. Between the poopy diapers, squeaky toys and endless rounds of Wheels on the Bus, I’m determined to keep a little bit of my edge! I have a haircut appointment – tomorrow! – and I want some non-mom, lady-with-a-baby hair. What do I mean by that exactly? Well, for the mom-side it needs to be low maintenance, easy to look decent after not having been washed for an embarrassingly long amount of time, and preferably not grabbable by little freakishly strong hands. But it also has to look cool. A little funky even.

Here are my top contenders!



Cropped, piece-y, easy to disguise bedhead. Lots of options for your part. I’m liking it. But maybe a little short (short = mom to me). Probably can’t pull it back. Given my schizophrenic half curly, half straight hair I’d probably have to blow dry….hmmm…



This would let me keep a little more length and make a bit of dramatic statement. But would that longer piece in front just really start to annoy me after a while??



Kinda digging the super flat edge on this cut. Definitely works for a strong straight style. It could stay long enough to be pulled back in a pinch. It’s definitely a look. You like?



This is basically what I have going on now with a little bit more definition and a lack of split ends. It reminds me of early Rachel hair. But is that a good thing? This is kind of a non-style style. Is that a cop-out? Not different enough??

This is where you come in. I need your opinion friends – especially from you fellow ladies with babies!! What hairstyle do you love? Is short really the only way to go? Or can you keep your hair long and figure out how to avoid the topknot trap?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am the type that usually makes a game time decision when I sit down in the stylist’s chair, so be sure to watch Instagram to find out what the heck I decide to do!

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What do you think?

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  1. I am a nanny (that counts as a lady with a baby right?) and I have the longer layers look…and I usually end up throwing my hair up into a uninspiring top knot. So, I opted for a longer version of the chop and I love it!

  2. It depends on if you want to be able to pull it all back easily. I have a 16 month old and shorter hair- honestly I love that I can dry mine quickly in the morning and it looks clean and neat. Especially since I’ve lost a lot of hair PP and with nursing.

  3. Absolutely loving the second and last hairstyle! But I would choose the 4th style. There’s just something so fun yet chic about it.

    – The Office Stylist

  4. I’m a mom. I went short short. Pixie short but I love it, it’s edgy and easy! If go with first cut. Less is more.

  5. its all about the language. “Mom” sounds tired and dated to me too, but “mama” is way more appealing. My son calls me Mama and my husband Papa and it’s super cute. And keep in mind, when your son starts calling you anything, be it Mama, Mummy or Mom, it will melt your heart every time. You probably won’t care too much what he calls you. My son is 2 and when he looks at me and says “tank you Mama” (instead of “thank”)….omg. It floors me!

  6. if i had strait hair, i would go for the first look. either way, you should go for a style that is easy to maintain.

  7. I’ve had all three hairstyles and currently have something between 1 and 3. My son just turned 3 and I finally figured out what looks good on me: Healthy hair and a great shoulder length cut. I was so going after a cool girl vibe with messy waves but with the lack of time it ended up frizzy and aged an always exhausted mom. I “style” it by twirling strands and pining them back while it dries to give my straight hair some volume and always wear it down. I owned the top-knot when my son was 1 and looking back that is as much a mom look as the bob.

  8. When I first did a bob, I loved it. My hair fell correctly and I never had to style it. Soon after though, it just didn’t work and I found myself doing anything possible to get it to grow.

    Personally, as a pretty low maintenance person, I love my blunt cut with longer layers. When I had shorter hair, I would always be frustrated anytime I just wanted to throw my hair off my face. And having to use a million bobby pins was super annoying too. I’d definitely recommend keeping it longer for the time being! That’s just me though : )

  9. I’m having exactly the same issue over here Erin 😀 and still haven’t made it to the hairdresser’s (always wearing my hair in a low bun and I’m starting to have headaches from the constant pulling).
    Love the top cut, looks so airy and effortless (is it?)

  10. Is your hair thick or thin? I think you have lots of hair? Correct? Ask your stylist which of these is best for your texture, maybe go with the professional opinion? ♥️‍♀️‍♀️✂️✂️✂️✂️