Confession: I thought that seven weeks post baby a lot things would be different then they actually are. I thought I’d running all around town sweet babe in tow. I thought I’d have it all together – energy, confidence, know how. Instead I’m still figuring out how to fit a shower into my day and maybe gulp down one chunk of calories that could count as a meal. Another thing I thought I’d have back by now – my pre-baby closet! I’ve shed the maternity clothes, but my fully stocked wardrobe now mocks me – as it was built around a lifestyle that’s long gone. I’ve quickly learned complicated fashion choices are no longer an option! There’s no time nor energy to expend on styling the perfect look. And high maintenance fabrics like my silk prized silk button-downs? Or anything that says dry clean only?? Forget it! I need to be able to grab, go, but still look damn good – even if it’s just to treat myself to a {decaf!} cappuccino. This is where Elizabeth Suzann comes in – the line heralds itself for being “simple, utilitarian and beautiful.” That’s speaking my lady-with-a-baby language!


This collection brings uniform dressing to a whole new level of chic. I’d be thrilled to reach into my closet and grab that gorgeous jumpsuit again and again and again. And the Cocoon trench? Don’t even get me started! That jacket is perfect for every season. I’d wear it over a dress or cropped pants all summer and then layer a lush sweater come winter {or right now since Karl the Fog has returned to San Francisco}. And that knot bag – possibly the coolest diaper bag ever?? I’m dying to test one out to see! All of the line’s silhouettes are timeless yet feel very current. And the fabrics 100% machine washable. Boom!

Thank you Elizabeth Suzann for disguising great mom clothes in super chic skin. I’ll take one of each please.

What about all you power mamas out there? How did you tackle the whole baby-friendly wardrobe conundrum? I’d love to hear your pointers!!

What do you think?

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  1. Went to the site and everything I wanted is sold out – very frustrating.

    1. Agreed, it’s a bummer – some of the pieces i’m coveting are gone too. They only do small production collections. But I might beg them to make me one of their bags!

      1. Ha, the bag is what I wanted the most as well. Hopefully they will stock more…

  2. The thing about babies is as soon as you get the swing of things they change. Think you’ve got a schedule? They start sleeping longer or need to eat more often. They keep you on your toes for a while. I’m sure you’re doing great.