It may seem odd to to some, but I am SO excited that we’re going to have a powder room in our new/old house {why do I keep calling it that praytell? You can catch up here}. Powder rooms are the ultimate excuse to go outside the box with your decor. Virtually anything goes. Crazy wallpaper, unlikely paint colors, dramatic lighting – they are a little jewel box of design.

I love the idea of hanging a mishmash of art and frames in our powder room. You’re in such a small space that they’ll truly take center stage. And you can constantly play with your selection, adding subtracting, rearranging to your heart’s content. It’s also perfect for the commitment-phobe. If wallpaper isn’t your thing this is a fabulous solution.

What do you think? Are you into this pint-sized art gallery idea?

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image by claire esparros for lonny.com 

What do you think?

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  1. I actually LOVE this look!! But then again, I’m an artist/painter…does that make be biased?

  2. LOVE powder rooms. I agree, they are the perfect place to play with design and do something fun or unexpected in a small space. However, as much as I love gallery walls, it just seems yucky in the bathroom.. another thing to catch germs from flushing the toilet.. ew :/ I’ll stick to fun paint or wallpaper when I finally have my very own!

  3. YES very into this idea! I remember win growing up my Dad had the most wonderful wallpaper in his powder room- he treated it exactly the way you describe…out of the box, adventurous, a room to delve into much more brazen design I think. Great post!