Similar to the famous R. Kelley song, “our minds are telling us no, but our bodies are telling us yessss.” We’re in that inevitable transition phase when we can’t possibly bear the thought of summer fading, yet yearn for the our favorite season to arrive. Cooler temps and light layers, warm tones and crisp lines, they’re calling our names. Despite our dilemma to make a decision – summer, fall? – we’re truthfully loving inspiration from both seasons. Here’s what we’re crushing on…

We’ve got a crush on marble fireplaces {who doesn’t?} and chairs that are pieces of art!


We’ve got a crush on this creamy grilled potato and cucumber salad {recipe here!}, served in a pink bowl.


We’ve got a crush on ever-y-thing about this kitchen. The wood panel back splash, forest green walls, ceiling mounted swing-arm light fixtures – take your pick.


We’ve got a crush on classic pieces that are perfect for fall.


We’ve got a crush on this moody color palette – it’s time for emerald again!


We’ve got a crush on a clean-lined painted headboard and a monochromatic bedside sconce to match!


Seriously, how cool is that headboard idea and that salad looks SO good. Potatoes in a “salad” are healthy, right? That styled ‘scape has us dreeeeaming up a fall tabletop to work on – stay tuned – and oh, what we’d give to wear a crisp button down shirt right now. We’re terrible. We complain all year for Karl the Fog to go away and now that he finally did, we run for shade.

Looking for more fun inspo? You’ve gotta go here.

image 1 via Nicole Franzen // 2 via Food and Wine // 3 via Garde Hvalsoe // 4 via Like The Yogurt // 5 via Broste Copenhagen // 6 via Fantastic Frank

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  1. That kitchen! And the tabletop! That greenery practically made me swoon. I don’t even feel guilty. I’ve always been enchanted with Fall.

  2. Utmost care to each detail. I love the colors and the elegance of the space

  3. Why would you reference R. Kelly, who is a known rapist and predator of young girls? After reading that, I immediately stopped reading. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. Thank you for your comment Angela. This post was written more than three years ago and while the song the posts references was a part of my adolescence growing up therefore a musical reference, our attitudes about R. Kelly have certainly changed. I appreciate your comment.