We’re kicking off the week with a stunning space and latest post from contributor Ali Hartwell! I knew I’d convince that girl to love modern decor someday!

As a whole, I tend to avoid modern design. While I appreciate elements of it, I often find that the full-blown modern look comes off as cold, unwelcoming and even pretentious. No one should ever feel judged by their own living room for their Netflix binge-watching and ratty t-shirt wearing tendencies—amiright?!

That being said, when I came across this Brooklyn home tour, all of my preconceived notions around modern decor were rattled to the core. What was it about this particular take on modern that didn’t send me running for the hills of my tried and true California Eclectic style?? 


Could it have been black and  color palate? The mixture of hard lines juxtaposed by organic, textured accessories? The perfectly balanced incorporation of brass accents?? Yes, yes, and yes! At the end of the day, the perfect mix of all these things bring charm and warmth to this primarily minimalist look (and let’s be honest, a touch of herringbone floors never hurt).

Here are a few pieces I’ve rounded up to help you recreate this look:


> 1. Arc Sofa
> 2. Fish Catcher Pendant
> 3. Cara Oval Coffee Table
> 4. Mirror
> 5. Cog Candle Holder
> 6. Hans Pedestal Side Table
> 7. Fan Dining Chair
> 8. Mongolian Lamb Pillow
> 9. Sweater-weave Basket
> 10. Dora Maar Urn

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally rethinking my hesitation towards modern decor with this type of approach. What are your thoughts on all things modern? Love it? Hate it? Scared of it? Do share!

Written by Ali Hartwell, Editorial Contributor 

Images via Sketch42

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  1. I LOVE all the brass accents mixed in with the black and ivory and natural materials…and really obsessing over that black and white color block doors with brass handles!!! Beautiful home!