Well, it’s here. The sixth week in the One Room Challenge – alla reveal day! So I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that our media room design is complete! The bad news is that it’s only done in my head. Apparently, the old adage in major home renovation is quite true: things will take twice as long { and always cost twice as much!} as you anticipate. Since we bought this 145 year old house nearly a year and half ago and started construction back in February(!), I thought there might be a chance for our renovation would be complete in time for the end of our challenge. Alas, we still have quite a long way to go.

But I would never leave you high and dry! I can see the final media room in my mind’s eye, so I thought I’d do my best to show you everything I’m seeing. Remember when we were trying to pick a paint color? The crowd favorite in this post was actually Benjamin Moore’s Almost Black.


Well, we were able to get our future media room painted. Here’s how things are looking at the moment:


Can you tell which color we selected?? We ended up going with the Benjamin Moore Gravel Gray in flat. It’s a bit hard to tell in a photo, but it turned out to be a richly hued gray – it has a navy undertone that I absolutely love. It’s dramatic but it doesn’t feel ominous. The room’s base boards and molding will also be painted the same color, but the 145 year old trim needs quite a bit of TLC before it can be painted. Professionals have been called in for that.

The floors have also been installed. We laid down white oak that will be stained a Scandinavian inspired light gray, but they’ll remain covered until construction is nearly complete. Right now, the media room is actually serving as the prep area for our kitchen cabinetry. But the kitchen will be another post for another day!

I did want to give you a clear sense of what the room will look like eventually, so I’ve had an illustration of my final vision drawn up!

court Media bw 1Apt34_ORC_MediaRoom

If you’ve been following along with my inspiration posts, then you’ve seen how I wanted to create a space that’s comfortable – perfect for movie nights – but also a elevated and a touch dramatic. I think this final design and product selection is going to help me do just that.

The space is a little tight, the room is only about 10 feet across, so the Clad Home Custom Couch is the perfect solution. I’m not typically a fan of the chaise style, but with limited space it’s the perfect way to create a cozy place to snuggle up. The three nested  Pottery Barn Coffee Tables will sit in front of the sofa. They have solid marble tops – aka make them much hard for a baby to knock over or pull down. Plus they’re just so handsome.

Of course the media storage is a big sticking point with the hubby, but we both agreed that the Blu Dot Console is modern and chic, but understated. I’m trying to keep the attention away from the ginormous TV as much as possible {wish me luck!}.

While this is technically the man cave-esque room, I couldn’t help but slip in a couple of more playful pieces. I’m obsessed with West Elm’s vintage inspired Floor Lamp – it’s how I’ll inject my pop of metallic into the room – and the Anthropologie Palmistry Chair just puts a smile on face. I can see Carter clamoring up and to sit in it, hugged by that funny hand. It’s all about the photo opp after all!

With little room for side tables or other lighting, I’m going to hang a classic  George Nelson Cigar Pendant in the far corner of the room. It’ll give the space a nice golden glow. It’s all about ambient light people.

Since we’re likely to have a little dude toddling around by the time we finally move in, I’m going to keep our accessories pretty minimal. I love this Mirror from ABC Home. It has such a cool texture, it feels like a piece of art. The small fiddle leaf fig tree that currently lives in our loft will get a new home and offer a little life to this room. A few choice pillows and a luxe throw are really all we’re going to need to make the space feel homey. The gorgeous Arhaus Rug will pull all the blues and grays together beautifully.

So there you have it. I’m disappointed I’m not actually plopping down to relax and watch Scandal in my beautiful media room just yet. Thankfully, I can report that we may only be a couple of months away from completion though {renovation gods, do you hear me?!}. And this whole One Room Challenge process has been so fun. It forced me to actually design a room from top to bottom – an exercise I definitely need to do for the rest of the house!  I’m thinking I should share the construction status of the rest of our space with you too. Would you be interested?? In the meantime, be sure to check out my inspiration board for our remodel right HERE. And you can catch up on the entire six week One Room Challenge HERE.

And of course you have to check out everyone else’s big reveals! This is the ultimate in interior inspiration. I feel lucky to have been involved in such a great group.

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What do you think?

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  1. I was so looking forward to seeing those steel doors!!! I am totally with you though because our house is old too and full of lots of surprises! The new roof took 3xs as long as predicted. We haven’t even started the major remodel either. It’s an adventure right!?

    Can’t wait to see the room unfold!!!


    1. I’m so excited for the steel doors too Cristin! They’re pretty much my favorite part of the whole thing.

  2. Ahhmazing wall color! And I love the layout you sketched up! We have a 150+ year old house with very tight rooms, so it’s great to read about someone dealing with similar concerns. Love the windows – old house details are the best!

    1. Thanks so much Arielle. I’m really excited about the way it came together and I’m just counting down to move in day.

  3. It will get done and be fantastic! That is the problem with renovations….they always take longer than expected but it’s all good!

  4. As a Thursday participant who is feeling much less pressure than the two “official” Wed rounds I did, I feel your disappointment in not being done. But, this is the reality of a renovation, right? We live in a 1920s house and my little linking project isn’t done because we had to do major foundation work mid ORC. In the end, your space will be spectacular and I cannot wait to check back and see. Love your inspiration!

  5. Beautiful but not practical for watching TV. And isn’t that what you will do in there? I tried something similar but had to move the sofa back to facing the TV as it was just so uncomfortable. Do you have another tick up your sleeve for moving the tv out while watching?

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the T.V. I often see these wonderfully designed rooms and I think “am I the only one the watches television?” LOL.

  6. I love the dark wall colors and the light flooring, that is going to be stunning! I did the One room challenge and it was really difficult to keep the momentum going. I did it, probably because it was my boys bedroom, and they needed a place to sleep. 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness! That wall color and design! Cannot wait to see what it looks like. And, thanks for the linking the other participants. Hopping over to check them out!


  8. I love how dramatic the paint colour is. Just beautiful. I’ll be checking back to see the final reveal. I know it’s going to be gorgeous.

  9. I love all your furniture picks!!! I actually picked quite a few of these products for a client (and one for myself: the Blu Dot Dang console). It’s going to be soooo soooo good!

  10. Love the comment about the console and TV. I’ve been working on a gallery wall around our TV and one of the things my hubs said was “but you don’t notice the TV.” Exactly, babe, exactly. Gotta love those guys! I love the color you guys went with and I can’t wait to see those floors!

  11. That sketch is beautiful – this space is going to be stunning once it all comes together – definitely worth the wait! 😉