Updates about our renovation are going to be coming much more frequently now. I can hardly bring myself to type it, but we may in fact be weeks away from moving in! Now I get to focus on the final details.

It’s almost obnoxious to my own ears to admit, but our house will have both a pantry and a laundry room. It’s a organization freak’s dream. And mine since I’ve lived with a washer/drying in my kitchen for the last four years. You don’t often conflate the words sexy with laundry or food storage, but I’m determined to try. I’ve been banking quite the library of inspiration.

Glasburkar-spannmal-forvaring-700x1050open-shelves-glass-swedish-styleIMG_2894-1New-Norm-family-742x1024 Pantry1 ohhappyday3

I currently have visions of open shelving and matching glass jars dancing in the fantasy pantry in my head. I also have to have wine storage. Significant wine storage. But I digress…

While white and bright feels industrial and chic and kind of “classic pantry,”  I’m really loving the darker, moodier tones. They’re more cellar like. It would certainly be fun to create a dramatic display.


When it comes to laundry rooms, it’s all about the details. Tile, hardware, gorgeous counter tops and ingenious storage techniques can make a room dedicated to labor actually fun to spend time in. The options are almost endless.

While I don’t pose to be an organization expert, I’m going to use the opportunity to design these rooms as my attempt to become one. What would you do? Any organization tips you’d recommend? Any must have laundry room or pantry necessities? I’m officially on the hunt.

The count down is on!

PS – You can catch up on the remodel of our historic San Francisco Victorian here. And you can find all my pinspiration for the project here.

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  1. So much great inspo here – I had my pantry installed just before Christmas, but haven’t had time to organize it yet. I’ll be definitely pulling inspiration from these pictures!

  2. Looking to buy a new to us home for the last year, shelving, storage and pantry space could make or break a house choice for us. Your photos look both usable and clean. Good for you.. Oh and not having the washer and dryer in your kitchen! wa hoo! That is a reason to celebrate..Congratulations

  3. These are my two favorite rooms! I actually recently did a blog post while I was redoing my (tiny) pantry, and included my favorite cleaning/organizing/storage items that are both incredibly beautiful and functional. Check it out if you’re looking for more inspiration! http://www.andersondandelion.com