Even though I feel about as far as one can get from high fashion these days – I’m surrounded by dirty diapers and subsist in the same pair of jeans while the majority of my heels gather dust in my closet – I still love following the New York Fashion Week scene. Even in the world of capsule wardrobes, there’s still something to be said for serious sartorial inspiration. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was actually on the streets of New York attending my first show, but I’ll take a bite or two of the action – even if it’s from a distance.

The Fall shows are always my favorite because they’re actually very relevant to how we’re dressing right now – particularly if you’re on the East Coast,  sorry about those 15 degree temps! But it’s the perfect time to get some cold weather-wear inspiration – because it’s all going on sale right now. I’ve got some ideas for you straight from the runway and from the streets of New York!

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The Kate Spade New York show provided plenty of inspiration. I’m loving the shearling coat, stripes and houndstooth. There’s an an undercurrent of London street-style vibe buried within the feminine pinks and floral prints. While I’m drawn to the menswear inspired pieces (hello houndstooth jacket with faux fur collar!), Kate Spade always presents girly details with a quirky touch. Perhaps the bow neck tie will be the next choker?!

I also love getting ideas from street style and thankfully my girl Emily braved the chill in the air. As did that girl wearing sandals! All in the name of fashion right? Her coat is so good I forgive her. Coats really do make the outfit this time of year. Fuzzy, color-blocked, tweed or heathered, I’m a fan of having a statement coat for every day of the week. I probably should have moved somewhere with 70 degrees temps in mid-February!

But if you’re going to pick up one thing from the winter sales I’d make it something textured. A luxe scarf, a faux fur color, or something cashmere. That’s how you can add interest to a foundation of basics. No one will even notice you’ve worn the same pair of jeans four days in a row!

original photography for apartment 34 by emily scott 

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  1. but you’re going to be wearing that great san fran victorian soon – so take that nyfw! can’t wait to see how that’s all coming together. and bon courage with the dirty diapers /p nobles

  2. bahaha sandals right. but her coat is too good so I forgive her too.

  3. So many interesting classy looks. Thank you for sharing!

    – –