As our move into our new/old house looms ever closer, I’m moving on from tile selection and paint color obsession to how I might actually be filling our rooms. After the chaotic process of a remodel, all I’m craving is a serene space that shuts out the world’s crazy. I just stumbled about San Francisco-based design firm Luft Design and they totally get my dream vibe. They describe it as Warm Minimalism. Take a look below, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love as quickly as I did.

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The magic word here is edit. Can you imagine only living with the essential? The “what you would save from a fire items.” Everything in your space would serve a purpose, spark a memory or evoke an emotion. I love the idea of every item in a room feeling intentional. No place holders allowed. After allowing myself to turn into a collector of random things, I’m SO ready to pare down (especially as baby stuff continues to fly through the door fast and furious.). That is my ultimate decorating goal.

And this home is proof positive you can go minimal without being cold. Yes, the space is in a monochromatic color palette, but the mix of blacks, light and dark grays feel like a modern update to the all-white trend Scandi-style has brought on. The secret to keeping the simple rooms from feeling too stark  is the warm wood tones and layered textures. The mixed materials, rich tones and cozy linens help a room feel inviting. I’m particularly smitten with hints of metallic with brass living room pendant and the black bathroom fixtures. I have a feeling I’m going to regret not jumping on that trend bandwagon.

So as we pack I’m going to be taking a hard look at everything that tries to make its way into box. Only if I truly love a piece will it cross the threshold into our new space. We may be sitting on cardboard boxes with a lot of blank walls for awhile. And I’m ok with that.

images via luft-design 


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  1. It’s too plain! It needs a pop of color, pillows on the couch, and more on the walls. Don’t like it that much. It looks very clean, however.

    1. I agree! It’s not just minimalist, it’s also a bit boring…

      1. Minimal means less not more….Its suppose to look simple and clean without so many things and colors calling out attention

  2. A little bit of color would brighten it up but doesn’t need much. I’m thinking pink flowers would help on the table, a few colored pillows on the couch, and some family photos on the wall (above couch in a nice format). Just a few things I would do!

  3. I love the simplicity of this interior. Less is definitely more.

  4. Do you happen to know where the above sofa is from? I loooooove it.

    1. Sadly, I don’t but Blu Dot has some similar ones

  5. I love it, just wondering what colour is the paint on the sitting room wall?

  6. I really love this apartment! I’d like to know where the low coffee table in the 3rd image (living room) is from?


  7. Great way to make minimalism a bit more cozier and homely.

  8. What is the name of the paint color in the second picture? I love it!

  9. What’s the name of the wall color in the second photo (bedroom).? It’s beautiful!