We don’t talk about controversial topics around here much. Unless you find a penchant for the perfect white paint highly controversial. But since I’ve been sitting in bed sick for the past week, I’ve been doing too much quite a bit of reading about the presidential election. I’m actually very political in my private life with some strongly held beliefs, but this appeal isn’t about politics – at least I don’t see it that way. It’s about the fact that it’s 2016 and what’s happening right now just cannot continue.

I hate to break it to you, but we don’t actually live in a reality show. No matter how much people might want to. We’re not all contestants on The Apprentice. And we’re not being punked (though I so wish we were!). We have to deal with actual reality. Our celebrity-power-fame-oversharing obsessed cultural is caught up in some very entertaining theater right now. And yes, it’s fun to watch Saturday Night Live every single day, but at some point we’ve got to balance the fruit loops with some veggies.

Because ultimately the joke is going to be on us. Unlike a reality show, this is not a game. There are no take-backs. No way to edit out an undesirable ending to this story. What we’re doing right now is playing Russian roulette with our country’s future. As a new mother, I cannot fathom that the discourse being played out on live TV  is actually reflective of the world my child might grow up in. I refuse to believe it.

Let me be clear. I have no stake in your political party allegiance. That’s not my point here. But I am compelled to ask that we all raise our collective voices and say enough is enough. I certainly can no longer stand idly by and discuss throw pillows or the hottest color trend of the season while this embarrassment is going on in my country.

We face difficult challenges and live in a nation ripe with different views on the major cultural issues of our time, but a man who’s last leadership gig was arguing with Gary Buesy and Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice is not in the position to actually lead the free world. In an age where we are actively trying to stem bullying among our children, we cannot continue to embolden the biggest blowhard bully of them all. It sullies the name of democracy, it sullies the United Startes of America, it sullies civilized society itself.

So please, just watch the video below and raise your voice too. There are better choices out there.

We cannot be silent anymore.

What do you think?

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  1. It is incredibly refreshing to see a blogger post their personal viewpoint on crucial matters; you have a platform that reaches many, thank you for using your voice. I hope that others follow suit.

  2. I think no matter the president the United States is not going to implode. The entire governmental system is set up so no single person can ruin the country or for that matter make it greater than it’s ever been.

    People are going to hear what they want to hear and that’s on both sides of the aisle. Everyone with a strong opinion either thinks he or she is “right.” I wish and want for people to be informed. I want people to be informed so that they can decide for themselves.

    I am not a Trump supporter but I think it has become the “cool” thing to outwardly oppose him and tell anyone who will listen.

    I read and subscribe to design, art, and lifestyle blogs for fun and leisure. With so much political talk on every other media outlet I’m really disappointed to see this post here.

    1. Sorry, but it isn’t about the implosion of the US, it is about what Trump’s irresponsible and uneducated attitudes and words due to our standing in the world and relationship with our allies. Let alone those that oppose us that he feeds into.

      Regardless of whether opposing Trump is cool (that depends on your milieu), making a stand against his racism, classism, sexism, and special brand of idiocy is the moral right thing to do.

      In what world do we want our President defending perceptions of his penis size in a debate on TV? That says so much about his character that is incompatible with what we want and need from our commander-in-chief. What an absolute buffoon.

      I’m glad Erin posted here. At least she’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right instead of being afraid to offend people who want to ignore reality.

      This perspective brought to you from a lifelong Republican — me. I’m aghast.

  3. I’m glad to see you speaking up about this. I have no worries of your blog becoming a political blog, but there is a time to speak up about what’s right and wrong. This is one of those time, IMHO. I also wish that more people would pay attention to who will be up for local elections and to represent them in congress. Maybe we wouldn’t be in such a mess if we all did. Cheers to you for speaking up.

  4. In contrast to the other commenter I’ll say thank you for this post. I like design and whatnot as much as the next person but it feels a bit frivolous when the political debate is so rancorous. Regardless of party what trump is saying would be considered “hate speech” on any college campus (admittedly you can’t get much more pc than a college, but still)

    Though I agree one president can’t actually do very much do we want a leader who is so hateful to so many? This election cycle is stressful and depressing.

  5. This is the best blog post I’ve ever read. FINALLY. I hope others follow your lead. Someone has to start – thank YOU for being the one.

  6. I m sorry that so many people are shallow, following instead of leading or developing any independent thoughts of their own.
    Instead of being trendy, how about being true to yourself, your country?

  7. Preach! I try to stay informed and involved (canvassed last weekend!), and it occasionally feels weird to write a blog post about fireplace decor when what I’m actually riled up about is a front runner for president advocating war crimes or making misogynist comments. I just try to remind myself that the loudest people in the room aren’t necessarily the majority. Thanks for speaking up! It may not be the most popular thing to do but I for one appreciate it.

  8. I agree with you. So do yourself a favor and check out Sander’s website for adult discourse on issues important to all of us such as access to health insurance, the economy, student debt, immigration reform, etc. Better yet, sign up for his emails. The campaign sends thoughtful ones every day 🙂

  9. I appreciate the risk you took posting this here. I hope it works! Thank you for a small break of realism. Excellent video!

  10. Thank you. As I just returned from Europe for work it was the top question I was asked. “Are people in the US really going to vote for him?” I hope not but damage is being done to our country’s creditability and making our society a butt of a joke. No laughing matter, not a person with empathy, and he is tasteless. Being a blog about taste and beauty in the world you have every right and I will continue to be inspired by your blog.

  11. Thank you. This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I wish more fashion and lifestyle blogs posted on these issues.

    As an Australian, I am watching in horror at what is going on over there. It’s a huge topic of conversation here.

  12. Very well said, I completely agree. I only wish I could vote (I’m Canadian). Fingers crossed.

  13. You are awesome for taking the risk to voice your feelings about the current state of craziness, a la Trump b.s. I truly hope that this beautify and amazing nation of ours will do the right thing and not let some narcissistic, reality show host become our leader.

  14. “it is about what Trump’s irresponsible attitudes?”

    And, Clinton was putting all of America at risk when she decided to use her own server.
    I call that an abomination.

    No more Apt 34 for me. You’re like Romney telling us who to vote for.

    1. You should have read the post, “K”. Erin made no mention whatsoever about Hillary Clinton. Or who to vote for. She simply stated her feelings against Trump. Like you did in your comment about Hillary. So, I guess it’s okay for you to tell people who to vote for? Interesting.

    2. I’m really struggling to understand your argument, K.

      I think you’re saying that “Trump is responsible *because* Hilary had a private email server, which was irresponsible”… ? Is that correct?

      Because that either appears to be logically inconsistent OR ignores the maxim that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

      Also, could you please help me understand how what you said has any bearing on Erin’s post (which never mentions voting for Hilary)?

      Side note: I completely agree that Hilary’s email server choices were totally irresponsible and inappropriate for any government official.

  15. A truthful post. As someone who lives in DC and has to hear about this on many different levels for a variety of reasons outside of those genuinely care about elections but don’t work in or around politics – this post is truthful. And John Oliver’s segment was great, saw it live.

  16. Erin, I sincerely applaud you in putting this out there on your blog. Bravo! The debate over Trump extends SO beyond the usual Republican vs. Democrat. This is about the elevation of the absolute lowest and vulgar failings of the human character. It’s a sad statement on our national character that someone so utterly vile has achieved the kind of position he has as a contender for the highest office in the land.

    1. Well said! I am from Europe (so an outsider) and to me it is astonishing that someone like Trump might be president of a country. What come out of his mouth is just nonsense (and stupid). Perhaps some people think of it as ‘fun’ or ‘refreshing’ but they should think twice – you don’t want someone like him leading and representing your beautiful country!

  17. Well said and thank you. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way.

  18. Thank you for including this on your site. This is a cultural issue of the highest importance right now. As you and others have said, it goes well beyond politics.

  19. I have been reading your blog for years but this is my first comment – thank you for posting this!!! Hear hear!!!

  20. As an American watching from London, I am aghast. How is it that the worse he gets, the more popular he becomes? I honestly thought after he talked about banning Muslims and killing the families of terrorists that he was finished – yet his ratings soared. Then I hoped women would take offence to how he treated the Fox News correspondent – and other candidates supported him in boycotting the debate! The fact that such open hatred and ignorance is being ‘forgiven’ or written off as ‘entertainment’ because he might make America ‘great’ again (what is his definition of great – the 1950s?!) saddens me beyond anything. I hope the tide turns quickly and that sanity prevails.

    1. My thoughts exactly, Anna! It’s absolutely BAFFLING!?!

  21. As a veteran of every election, since I first registered to vote at 18, I say, HERE! HERE! I am beyond embarrassed, disgusted and shocked that the quality of many of the candidates for the most important office in my world has sunk so low. I keep hoping MY candidate will somehow show up.. he or she… black, white, any color.. any sexual orientation.. A good person… honest.. someone I can be proud to support. Thank Erin for the thoughtful post.

  22. I have to think things got to this unbelievable point because too many people declined to take him seriously, didn’t understand how our primary and caucus systems work, didn’t do the math, and woke up to the truth too late to easily stop him. He may well wind up as the Republican nominee and then there will only be one way to stop the madness. Be prepared to vote in November! Bravo to you for broadening the scope of Apartment 34 to include a wake up call and remind readers that it’s not so funny when reality show mentality threatens our reality!

  23. i applaud your bravery in posting something that i know could potentially cause a lot of friction with you and some of your readers…but thank you for doing so regardless…much, much appreciated!!

    1. Erin,
      I’m standing up with my hands waving in the air as a huge thanks to you for posting this. It took courage to take a stand and break away from the ‘every day pretty’. As if I didn’t already admire you a lot, you just went up the entire ladder of greatness in my book!

  24. I am disappointed in our choices this election year. For the first time in my life I am torn about actually voting. Isn’t there someone out there who could rescue us? Like Erin, I fear for my grandchildren’s future. Yes, our country is set up so no one person can take it down but damage is being done. What must the USA look like to other countries? And that is the least of my worries.

  25. I want to put in my thanks with the others. I prefer not to talk politics because it’s such a divisive and explosive topic, but this is beyond and apart from differing political affiliations and ideologies. It’s truly disturbing that an individual who so shamelessly fuels hatred and fear, who spreads lies and bullies at the top of his lungs has managed to come this far.

  26. Well said. You did the brave thing by crossing the design-politics line.

  27. I appreciate the support everyone. Politics can be very divisive but I think we can all agree our country, our kids and every one of us deserve better.

  28. Bravely written on an important topic! Thank you.