They say parents make the ultimate sacrifices. Does sleeping on your pullout couch for 4 months so your infant will sleep through the night count? I sure think it does! Every night I fall asleep with visions of a real bed dancing in my head.

And they’re visions of grandeur. I’m so ready to have a grown-up bed again. But for real this time. Think upholstered headboard, smooth cotton sheets, gorgeous linen. But there’s actually a lot of decision-making that goes into making the perfect bed. There are lots of components to choose from. After scouring the web for inspiration, I think I’ve found the formula for the perfectly made bed.

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Step 1: A crisp bottom sheet. Have you ever had your sheets pressed? Impractical, yes. But ah-mazing? Absolutely. When it can be hard to find time for self-care, I say getting your sheets pressed is a worthwhile touch of luxury. It’s also the secret to getting that hotel bed look at home.

Step 2: A fluffy duvet. Toss it over your bed, then fold it one third of the way back. That lets your crisp bottom sheet show off! I’m a sucker for a white duvet cover. Everyone thinks they’re impractical, but I beg to differ. Yes they’ll be begin to show dirt (especially if you have naughty dogs that jump on the bed like we do), but a simple toss in the wash on hot with your favorite stain remover (this is mine) et voila – good as new. White is also the perfect base layer – as it allows you to play with your accessories. Speaking of which…

Step 3: The pillows. Yes, partners tend to complain about having too many pillows on the bed (well mine does). But yes, they are necessary! These days I’m particularly fond of the triple stack system. Here’s how it works. You lean the pillows you actually sleep on against your headboard (or you can lay them flat…I oscillate back and forth between which look I like best). Then you bring in your shams. I prefer to keep shams neutral too, but you could start to bring in a touch of color there. These are a good option. Decorative pillows make up your third layer. I prefer pairing two throw pillows with my shams to keep the look clean and minimalist, but this is where you can go wild. You could choose to pile on colors, textures, prints and patterns that compliment the rest of your room. These could be throw pillows or you could try a gorgeous lumbar pillow. They seem to be catching on at the moment.

Step 4: Your final layer is a bed throw. Now, there’s an important distinction I’m making here. We’re not talking about a throw blanket. Those are little flimsy things best left for the couch. To make a major statement, drape the final third of your bed with a thick luxurious bed throw. These are oversized and heavier than any old throw. Think Moroccan wedding blankets or pompom throws.

So there you have it. The formula for the perfect modern bed. I like to keep my bedding neutral – to be a calming respite at the end of a long day. Here are a few things I’m coveting for my new bed. The countdown is officially on!


1 candle / 2 mud cloth pillow  / 3 shams / 4 coyuchi sheets / 5 sconce / 6 side table / 7 bed throw




images via the neotraditionalist, my domaine, amber interiors, domino, unknown, d pages  

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  1. I have the most amazing sheets from my grandma. Honestly, they don’t make them like they used to. These define “crisp.”
    A friend used to take her sheets to the cleaners to have them put through a mangle. Seriously.

    1. My German-born grandmother brought her giant rolling press with her when emigrating. On the other hand, this is *really* a first-world problem – *especially* as it’s been discovered that an uncovered bed is a healthy bed.

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  2. This post makes me laugh because I’m totally with you! After 4 years since having a child, I have finally created an adult bedroom complete with a new headboard, a (white!) duvet that actually *fits* our king-sized bed and a new set of microfiber sheets, which I highly recommend because they are so soft and comfy!

  3. Oh please dress my bed!!! I struggle for that polished look and messy just looks MESSY!!