At least this juice will. Ok, ok, I don’t have actual proof that this elixir will cure all that ails, but Sarah’s fresh juice recipe certainly can’t hurt and it tastes amazing. I particularly enjoy it the morning after I may have over served myself in the wine department! 


To get ready for summer, I have the perfect veggie juice loaded with health promoting nutrients to enjoy as part of your wellness regime. In one easy to make drink, you can give your body a gentle cleanse, an immune boost and a big hit of antioxidants for glowing skin. I have carefully selected these ingredients based on their powerful health benefits:


Listen up ladies, drinking beet juice before a workout has been shown to enhance your performance by giving you longer lasting energy and endurance. Beets taste a little earthy yet delightfully sweet. They support Phase 2 of your liver’s detoxification process and help to purify your blood. Beets also assist in the healthy functioning of your immune system due to their high Vitamin C content, while the potent phytonutrients that give beets their deep red color help to ward off inflammation and illness.


Ginger has natural anti-microbial properties keeping undesirable microbes out and the beneficial microbes thriving in your GI tract. As a natural anti-inflammatory, Ginger helps with pain relief, especially joint pain, menstrual pain and headaches. Ginger is also great for revving up your metabolism and encouraging natural weight loss. Lets not forget about how great it is for our immune system when fighting a cold or the flu.


Celery is one of the most alkalizing foods you can consume helping keep your body balanced and healthy. It’s the perfect summer food as it is rich in water and electrolytes and has a cooling effect on the body. It has the ability to fight inflammation, treat nasty colds and clean out your digestive system. You can add as much celery as you desire to your daily juice.


Cucumbers are mostly water, hydrating your body in the summer heat and allowing you to detox naturally. They are a great natural weight loss aid and are amazing for boosting the healthy appearance of your skin. Cucumbers are a fabulous way to add liquid volume to your juices.


Lemons are natural detoxifiers, energizers, weight loss and digestive aids, skin health enhancers and are loaded with Vitamin C for an immune boost. As I like to say, “a lemon a day helps to keep the doctor away.” Hot tip: when you make a green juice, adding lemon counteracts the bitter flavor from the dark leafy greens you use, making your juice taste much better.


Apples are low sugar fruits that contain antioxidants that detox and alkalize your system (similar to celery, balances your body). They are the ideal fruit to add to your veggie juice for a little touch of sweetness.


Carrots are loaded with vitamins and minerals, especially the powerful antioxidant Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. This shot of Vitamin A boosts the immune system and gives you radiant skin. Carrots add a lovely sweet flavor to this juice.


INGREDIENTS (all organic where possible)

1 medium sized red beet, washed thoroughly
1 inch piece of ginger root
2 stalks of celery (use more if desired)
1 large cucumber (use more if desired)
1 lemon, peeled and pith removed
1 green apple, cored and cut into wedges
1 carrot


Wash and prep all of the ingredients.
Run them all through your juicer (editors note: I love the hurom juicer)
Stir the juice and serve into 1 large glass or 2 small glasses for sharing.
Drink immediately for maximum freshness and nutrition, or store in the refrigerator in an
airtight mason jar and enjoy within 24 hours.

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photography by joe lee // styling by sarah hawthorne


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  1. I don’t have a juicer anymore (I traded up to a VitaMix) – would this still work the same as a “red” green smoothie?