While I typically reserve Tuesdays for recipes, sometimes a gorgeous kitchen is enough to satisfy. This one certainly is looking mighty tasty.

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Housed in the penthouse of an 1911 Art Nouveau home in the heart of Stockholm, this kitchen blends old-world charm and modern style beautifully. The black lower cabinets blend in perfectly with painted wood floors ground the entire space. That luscious dark tone gives the kitchen a sexy, moody vibe. The Carrara marble counters help transition between those black lowers and into a set of modern white uppers. The addition of the white help the small space feel more open airy.

But I’m particularly drooling over that custom black glass cabinet, filled with traditional glassware and dishes. That cabinet, combined with the brass hardware, touch of molding and classic stove add a timeless yet fully modern touch that makes this kitchen feel homey and approachable, but still sophisticated. Black appliances blend seamlessly into the background and don’t take away from the timeless vibe. Everything about this kitchen feels just perfect for the fall season, especially October. It’s a little dark. A little sultry. A lot of gorgeous. I’d gladly hop in there and start making a good soup, wine in hand.

Bonus: you actually can! This apartment is currently for sale! Anyone looking to make a move to Sweden? I’m certainly tempted.

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images via historiska hem

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  1. Well living in the PNW not sure I would go with black.. Have black counter tops and here it sucks the light right out of the room but your example has such great light & windows so it looks really great. Love the glass door cabinet in this kitchen.