Books are an awesome decorating tool. They add style, texture and personality to any space. We’ve seen them in perfectly styled shelves, stacked, style on coffee tables or turned backwards. But I’ve never seen a book display quite like this – hanging them from strings.


This Swedish home uses the technique in multiple rooms. The current page-turner next to the bed. A collection of tomes in shades of black and white feel like art hung above a dresser. In the living room magazines hang from strings. I love that they all hang at different heights creating a gallery wall-like effect. A wall mounted rack features a few more hanging pubs too – it’s like your own personal magazine stand.

The DIY would be really easy to replicate. All you’d have to do is grab some cord or perhaps a string of leather and tie the end off with knot. I spot a bead at the end of some the strings above. That’d be a fun way to add another bit of color or texture. I’ve been holding off putting anything up on the walls in the new house until I get the rooms more pulled together, but this would be a great temporary solution. Consider this idea stolen.

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photography by jonas berg for stadshem

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  1. Interesting. But you need to choose your books carefully. Hardcover would be better than paperback, which might curl. And nothing too heavy, lest it pull out of the wall.

  2. I kinda love this idea! Especially for magazines – essentially because I have so many of them floating around my apartment that it would be good to get them up off the tables! 😉