We all know one. Someone who is all about their job. Obsessed even. They might be hard persuade to meet up for happy hour, but thankfully they’re easy targets for Christmas shopping. You can make their work-focused lives a little more pleasant by helping them create a gorgeous work space. Not convinced? The new Kinfolk offices in Copenhagen are a shining example.

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Yes, our beloved Kinfolk picked up from their Portland headquarters and moved to what could arguably be called the design capitol of the world. And it’s done them good. Their stunning modern, minimalist office is just so so good. It’s no surprise I love it – it’s designed by Norm Architects of course (if you missed my home tour of their founder you can check it out here). I’m a firm believe that a clutter-free space helps cultivate a clutter free mind and focused work environment.

Of course, Kinfolk keeps this sparse look to a whole new level and I don’t know if I could ever manage to be that buttoned up. Seriously – where do you put papers?? But it gives me something to aspire to. The space is also the inspiration for our latest gift guide. Imagine how good it would feel if your desk was a pristine clean slate, with only absolute necessities and maybe a pretty something or two. A desk calendar, a really good pen, a place to jot all the s*** you need to get done. But nothing more. I’m so into it. And now I’m thinking I need to grab of couple of this chic office accessories and redo my office for the new year!


1 appointment calendar / 2 bowl / 3 gold pen / 4 shit to do notepad / 5 notebook / 6 scissors / 7 lamp / 8 waste basket


images via dezeen 

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