When this blog started (nearly 10 years ago – what?!), my favorite thing about all of this was discovery. Finding new, eye-catching things, ideas, designs, products and sharing them with you all. In 2017, I’m excited to get back to treasure hunting, looking for the new, the interesting and the truly special.

Case in point, ZAKKIA, a Sydney-based housewares company that creates beautiful, functional pieces using old world techniques. The company’s founder is from Sweden and her Scandinavian influence marries with the off-the-moment Australian design aesthetic that I just cannot get enough of. The results are some seriously covetable objects.

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All of ZAKKIA’s designs are handmade. Founder Sara Lundgren designs two collections a year and then works with small, family run makers in Vietnam to create all of their pieces. Some are thrown on potting wheels while others are hand poured into molds. In Northern Vietnam, there are small ceramic villages where people have been making homewares for over 900 years! Materials are all natural ranging from concrete to clay collected from the back yards of different family members in the Vietnamese villages. With each piece being handmade, there are are unique variations depending on how a piece was shaped or fired. Some have raw finishes, some speckled, some smooth and glossy – all so good.

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It doesn’t hurt that ZAKKIA’s product styling is also top notch. The presentation certainly gives the time-worn ceramics tradition an of-the-moment feel. I’m certainly sold. Now I just have to figure out how I can get ZAKKIA pieces in the USA.


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And if there’s anything you want me to be looking out for – please let me know! Part of the fun of a treasure hunt is the challenge of finding the prize.


images via zakkia as spied on the design chaser 

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    1. Maja, the Aoomi pieces are ah-mazing! I love them – the stationairy too. Thanks so much for the tip!

  1. There is nothing like thoughtfully designed, handmade ceramics!