As I’ve made it rather clear over the years, I’m all about minimally styled interiors – less is more when you seek to curate a space that feels fresh and airy. But while sparse spaces photograph beautifully, monochromatic rooms can sometimes feel a bit stark in real life. I don’t know if it’s the fact that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, or that all those pops of blush showing up on Pinterest have finally seared themselves into my brain – but either way – I have fallen in love with the peachy, dusty, blush pink in this nordic apartment.

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Peach accents can break up a monochromatic scheme, adding warmth and playfulness to the space without detracting from an otherwise neutral interior. You might be surprised to learn that the rest of this apartment is essentially black and white. But just like I decided our house needed a room with bold color, this apartment shows you can maintain that modern chic feel, even with pink! You can take your apartment to the next level by incorporating a peach accent wall. Or if you want just dip your toe in this rosy water, start with some smaller statement pieces placed throughout your home. Any of the lovelies below will do!


SHOP THE LOOK: bowl / pendant light / poster / notebook / pillows / throw / chair


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home tour courtesy of fantastic frank

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  1. That beautiful peach brings so much warmth to this room – it works so well with the minimal styling!

    1. I thought you might like it Kevin. It was your post that made me have pink on the brain!