After more renovation woes than I’d care to admit, (have I mentioned the leaking walls, or the flooding crawl space? Let me know if you want to hear those harrowing homeownership tales) I’ve finally reached the point where I get to think about things other than drywall, contractors or paint colors. I get to start adding some jewelry to this ensemble. And the jewels are always so fun. Art, rugs, light fixtures and my¬†personal favorite – accent chairs. I’ve always felt that a good chair can inject a room with some serious personality. And with this house, I want to make sure I pick the perfect piece. No grabbing the latest trend at some knock-off store this go-round (though no shame in that game). But with this house, I’m in it for the looooonggg haul. Just think about the years (literally, years) it’s taken me to get here!! My accent chair hunt is a very deliberate, slow process but one option has worked its way up towards the top of my wish list: the Arne Jacobsen Drop chair.

arne jacobsen drop chair on apartment 34 arne jacobsen drop chair on apartment 34arne jacobsen drop chair on apartment 34 arne jacobsen drop chair on apartment 34

The Drop chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 as part of one of his most famous designs, the iconic Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Drop was designed¬†along with what have also become iconic mid-century designs, the Swan and the Egg chairs, but the Drop was originally produced in a very limited number exclusively for the hotel. After more than 50 years in hibernation, Fritz Hansen recently relaunched the Drop. It is a small chair with a big personality and it is as fresh and vibrant as a new design but with a rare heritage. The design of the back combines a warm embrace with freedom of movement, resulting in a surprising level of comfort. They come in both plastic mold and a few come in leather or an upholstered fabric. Different colors are released each year. This year I’ve spied maroon and dark gray. Maybe it’s the fact that it is (finally!) 75 degrees in San Francisco or that the cherry blossoms are out or that pinks are actually growing on me (gasp), but I’m kinda loving the pastel options. They’re like little easter eggs dropped into a room.

I’m still working on my final furniture plans for various rooms but I wouldn’t be surprised if a cute little Drop chair landed in there somewhere. What do you think? Are you loving this accent seat?

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What do you think?

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