It seems like we rarely think about sprucing up our homes in the summer. Our attention is often focused on the outdoors, or on the next trip, or the backyard. But when the days are long, the kids are home and the stress levels are a bit lower (ideally), this is a perfect time to update your space.

13 things to add to your house this summer on apartment 34

Just like we update our wardrobes seasonally, it is a great idea to give your home a once over too. Now is a great time to canvas the spaces that are on your nerves most and see what you can do to lighten and brighten. You’ll be surprised that your desire to get away from home diminishes dramatically when you feel good about what you’re walking into.

The first step is always the purge. What can you get rid of? What do you no longer love? What no longer serves you? What can you no longer stand looking at?! Get out those donate boxes and fill them up!

Then I like to do a sweep for what can get put out of sight. I find the less clutter in my home, the less clutter in my mind. But you do need things around the house. Cleaning tools, administrative things, kleenex. You know, all that less than sexy stuff that is critical to day-to-day life. Make a point to getting all those things organized but tucked away. Decorative boxes (like under the TV console above) baskets and bins are the perfect – attractive way to tuck things out of sight even when you still need them close at hand.

And then there’s the opportunity to bring something fresh into a space. Small updates can have a big impact on any room. A new area rug can make a tired living room feel brighter. A fresh throw pillow or two is like putting on a new pair of earrings with an old outfit. Suddenly a space has a little pep again. Replacing a bathmat and adding a new set of towels is an easy way to brighten a bathroom. Swapping out old art for a new piece brings a new perspective.

Now, not that many people know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale also includes home items, so I took it upon myself to scan the more than 33 pages of options to pick out the pieces that would be bring a little happy into my home – so I feel pretty confident they’d do the same for you.

13 things to add to your house this summer on Apartment 34

SHOP: pestemal towel / daily planner / pillow / clean bathmat / beverage dispenser / fern wall hanging / rug / serving board / water bottles / chunky stitch throw / copper table lamp / pillow / marble lazy susan 

Whether it’s a new pillow or two for your sofa, a few new serving items for your kitchen or maybe a new throw along the foot of your bed – don’t think you have to strip a room down to nothing and redesign the whole thing to make it feel better. Sometimes just a little something fresh will make all the difference in the world.

In case you missed it, you can check out all of my top clothing picks from the Anniversary Sale RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Love sooooo much. I have a blank canvas here that needds some serious attention If you are ever interested.

    1. Would be happy to be of any assistance that I can!

  2. Agree! We design seasonal changes for our clients. Area rugs can make a huge impact on the decor and feeling of our spaces. Up, down, moved from room to room, 4 season rugs. So many possibilities without costly renovations.-Laurel

  3. Maybe I missed it, but I think it would have been better to tag this paid advertising. I enjoy AT so much but don’t like it when it appears to be a paid ad and not marked as such. This was nothing new under the sun except clean out and then go buy more stuff.

    1. Hi – this actually isn’t a paid post. Apologies if it came off that way. I actually think its rather amazing that you can get cool home stuff from Nordstrom on crazy good sale right now and simply wanted to share that info with my readers. Even I tend to neglect my home in the summer months and didn’t want readers to miss out on the opportunity to make an update or two while you can save. I make a point to ALWAYS disclose all sponsored content on all platforms and never mislead my audience. I appreciate you checking in, but can assure – this post is simply because I like to shop for good home items at great deals. Thanks for reading!