It’s official. We’ve turned the corner into the heart of summer. Can you feel it? The light is golden and endless –warm-weather-tinged hues are coming in strong – the air is thick and sultry and buildings seem to glow in the late afternoon heat. I’m in the mood to do little more than bask in the sun, sip on rosé, take a refreshing dip or knock off an hour (or two!) early for happy hour during the day’s best light. That’s why all things golden are catching my eye at the moment.

summer mood on apartment 34

I’m loving all of these golden camel tones. When mixed with an accent of bright white and anchored with black, the warm look cools down just enough. It reminds me of sun-soaked islands, miles of deserted beach and a perfect inspirational palette to take us through the season’s dog days. Summer always seems to go by too quickly, so I’m going to savor its lazy, languid effect as much as I possibly can. Care to join me??

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