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Does anyone else feel like we’re all riding a roller coaster these days? My weeks are often filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows, depending on what news I’ve read, what Instagram feed I’ve looked at or who’s story I’ve stalked. It’s a constant reminder that the strive for perfection and the constant need to project success actually leads to inertia – depression – anger. It’s a destructive cycle.

But rather than succumb, you have to get things out there – to the best of your ability – knowing that you can always improve the next time. And forget the haters. I firmly believe their negative, destructive energy is why we have the president we do.

As difficult as it might be, if we can work to inject even the smallest amount of positivity into the world each day, we might slowly beat back the morass currently attempting to swallow us whole. So with that in mind, I’ve rounded up whatever made me smile this week to share with you. I hope it brings some positivity to your day!

I rounded up healthy ice cream recipes, while my bestie made an ice cream recipe of her own & it involves bubbly – of course!

My healthy toast obsession holds no bounds. Move over avocado. These recipes are much more interesting.

I leave for Hawaii in one month (thank gawd!), but Athena’s recap of her trip to Franciacorta in Italy still has me wanderlusting big time.

Fogust – aka the month where the sun never shines in San Francisco is upon us, but it definitely makes you crave fall everything. That’s why I love Jen’s fall fashion round up.

This Pinterest feed always makes me smile.

As does this Instagram feed.

And this one.

And this one.

My friend Katie launched a kick-ass conference for entrepreneurial mothers that’s coming to San Francisco September 29. You should get yourself a ticket while you can!

I’m actually taking an impromptu trip to my hometown this weekend (follow on Instagram for all the deets) for a very special occasion and this round-up of new, cool things to do will come in handy.

Happy weekend friends. #youdoyou

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