Yes, it’s Cyber Monday and there are deals to be found every single place you look, but guess what? No one will swoon about how much you saved. Only if what you found is truly special. So this year, rather than hunt for all the stereotypical profiles, I decided to simply find THE things (34 of them of course!) that anyone would love to receive this year. This could be your bff, your mom, your corker, your partner, even your kiddo or your boss. Some of the items in my gift guide below are great deals. Some of them are just badass. Because this year I’ve really taken to heart that it’s only what’s given with love that counts.
the ultimate gift guide on apartment 34


> Stylish slides for your best lady (mom, friend, sister or yourself)

> A sweet ring

> For ladies that wear their hearts & politics on their sleeve 

> Who runs the world? This book will remind you

> This is actually a dinner bell, but I call it stunning

> I cannot wait to get my necklace stack on in 2018

> No one can say no to lip balm

> No one should say no to smelling good

> Modern holiday decor makes my heart happy

> The miracle skin saver. Anyone who receives this will be indebted to you forever

> Is it easier to make to time to read when book covers are pretty? I’m going to vote yes

> Beautiful bags never go out of style

> Next level gift box for the foodie 

> Because it’s 2017 and there’s no excuse for an ugly charger 

> Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for beautiful bowls

> When a pillow equals art

> Can a water filter be badass? Indeed it can

> A pompom to brighten someone’s day

> Even I’ve become a sucker for statement earrings 

> A jumbo knit blanket is what winter dreams are made of

> Because vintage candlesticks are so blah

> Is it a cookbook or a coffee-table book? You be the judge

> This little light needs to be mine. Or somebody’s

> Do you give side tables as gifts? In my world you do

> If it’s glass and brass and beautiful who cares if it’s hard to tell what it’s for

> She cuts a beautiful figure 

> Basic baskets are so boring

> For anyone trying to cut back on the eggnog

> Bring the sexy back to cheese trays

> While this sweatshirt is for littles, I’d kinda like one for myself

> Wooden toys delight babes & mamas alike

> Because who doesn’t love babies in bonnets

> For the jetsetter whose hair hates humidity 

> Teach your littles to reach for the stars


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  1. These are simply awesome! I like all of favorites though are the pompom, modern holiday decor and skin saver…all of them rock. Holidays are about to begin and these are just perfect gift ideas. Thanks so much.