I had a whole other post planned for today. Seems like I type those words a lot lately. But yet again it seems off to talk about beautiful design in the wake of tragedy, hatred and at this point complete insanity.

stunning san francisco home on apartment 34

27 killed. A five year old child shot five times. That the United States of America continues to sit idle, while we slaughter one another with AR-15s is just inconceivable. Yes, our world feels like a circus, but thankfully our reality is not just a TV show. We are not mere spectators. Even if our so-called leaders refuse to make tough decisions, we can act.

Elections are happening in places like Kansas, California, Georgia and Montana. If you live there, do your research, know where candidates stand and vote.

Pick up the phone and call your representatives. It worked during the heath care fight, it can work now.

Learn. This article about the opportunity to prevent gun deaths is very fascinating.

It can be so hard to feel like you can make a difference, when everything seems to be spiraling out of control.

But just pick on thing that really upsets you, moves you or motivates you. Pick that one thing and set the intention to do one thing about it everyday. They could be small actions like simply talking to a friend about your passion or starting a march on Washington. Positive action will trump (ha) negative reaction every time.

Even in the face of utter devastation I know we can come back from this. I refuse to believe otherwise.

Back to regularly scheduled pretty tomorrow.

photo by suzanna scott

What do you think?

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  1. I could not believe Trump’s response. “This is not about guns”?!
    It’s a mental health issue when a white American shoots 27 (or 50odd in Vegas), but it’s an immigration issue when the brown guy kills 8? Making things better would be to arm the whole congregation? Oof, I want to rant so much.
    But your response of positive action is much better. I guess you probably wrote and deleted a few ranty versions of posts before this one so well done.

    1. Oh, the ranty versions run in my head pretty much all day. I let more of them fly on Twitter and at my husband šŸ˜‰

  2. After Vegas I read an article somewhere (NYT?) that compared this window of opportunity to what happened when people didn’t back down on health care and other past issues. To say that things will never change or that government will do nothing is to give up, and this issue is too important to give up on. We must not for the sake of even one family that could be spared by such tragedies. We need not only political action but also a culture shift in this country, and it can happen if we keep talking about it. I joined Everytown and Moms Demand Action to take my disgust and turn it into action.