As we say see ya to 2017 (and good riddance), I’m ready for a very fresh start in the new year. You too? My mantra for 2018 is all about saying yes, particularly to things that make me nervous or are out of my comfort zone. Because there can’t be any growth without change, am I right? This goes for very existential parts of our existence, but also for our homes. So I’ve partnered with to embrace a few fresh design ideas that you can shop right now. Here are three design trends that I’m currently stalking for 2018.

design trends to try in 2018 on apartment 34

The first trend that’s recently caught my eye is rounded couches. A curved sofa offers a more sumptuous, luxe look than the typical squared-off style. It might take a little work to convince yourself that you can pull this look off, but a curved couch amps up the sophistication in any living room or sitting area. It’s just all about how you pair it. The vintage rattan coffee table and mix of prints in the pic above keeps the living room feeling approachable, but that curved sofa will maintain its design interest for years to come.

design trends to try in 2018 on apartment 34

White kitchens will never go out of style, but they’re definitely starting to feel like the easy way out. Black kitchens on the other hand are a major statement maker – perfect for starting 2018 completely new. If you’re feeling extra bold you can go all black – black counters and backsplash – but I’m loving the balanced look of the kitchen above. The cabinetry is offset by the (stunning) marble counters, concrete backsplash and mixed metals (mix your metals people!). The space feels inviting and lovely rather than harsh. A look like this will definitely add a wow factor.

design trends to try in 2018 on apartment 34

And as it goes with white kitchens, so it goes with other all-white rooms too. You can play it very safe in the neutral zone (which is what I typically do), but saturated colors are going to make a big comeback in 2018. We can only stick to Scandi-style for so long. Rich hues, be they green, blue, gold or even purple (though Pantone still has to convince me) punch up any room. I’m even loving the look of bold color on a table top (evidenced here)!

So what say you? Are you willing to give these trends a try? Here are a few pieces that can help ease these looks into your house right now.

design trends to try in 2018 on apartment 34

shop these design trends: black faucet / black cabinet pulls / black cutting board & burner covertufted pink sofa / curved gray sofa / gold pillow / blue dishware / green & brass counter stools

images pinterest / inside out magazine / domino

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  1. Black kitchen – no. Dust and fingerprints will show
    curved sofas are formal and bold statement colors have been popular for years. But color in a room with decor.

    1. Guess we’ll agree to disagree. Thanks for stopping by Anna

  2. Love it, I just ordered a wingback tufted bed in blue velvet, can’t wait to add as much color as I can stand along with mixed metals. If I see another all white and/or gray bedroom I will cry. Excuse me while I go check out those rounded sofas…

  3. Love this tips and design elements! Wish I had the cash to redesign my place, haha.