When it comes to giving gifts to littles, it’s wise to remember that you’re actually gifting to the parents too. So those toys that light up, play songs, wiz, bang, and whir? Yeah, we’re not so thankful for those. But there is a treasure trove of amazing goodies out that there that kiddos will clamor for and that won’t make mamas shudder when adding it to the ever-growing collection of kid-related accouterments. Here are some faves I’m going to be giving to the new wee babes in our life (and a couple I’ll be adding to our world as well!).

gift guide for the littles on apartment 34 gift guide for the littles on apartment 34

1> Finding non-cheesy, kid-friendly tableware seemed like a never-ending quest. Enter Miniware. Even the cutlery is cute. And eco-friendly. Problem solved.

2> I am endlessly obsessed with kids books (check out this post if you need more recs). This story, about what you can discover when walking in the woods, warms the heart & is easy on the eyes.

3> Every kid needs a cuddly friend and a sweet, friendly deer is perfect this time of year!

4> A rocking robot?! I just want one.

5> The train obsession is real. This guy connects and includes blocks.

6> Gotta love it when a kid dresses better than you do. This cactus romper is too cool for school.

7> Because every mama needs a few minutes hands-free.

8> Do not be fooled. You do not need an ugly, ginormous automated chair that takes up half your living room. This rocker will do the trick and looks amazing!





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