I don’t know if it’s the holiday season’s arrival, the colder temps outside or the fact that the following home tour is unequivocally gorgeous, but I’m throwing my dedication to minimalism to the wind in favor of this inspired layered look. As you scroll, I think you’ll agree, this warm, layered, eclectic space just sucks you right in.

This 1908 villa in Malmo, Sweden, was painstakingly renovated over three years by its owner, Malin Perrson. While many elements of the 110 year old house was refurbished (roof, electrical, windows, floors), the former model turned interior stylist didn’t fill her home with the typical midcentury Scandinavian pieces we all know (and love), but instead furnished it  one of a kind antiques, flea market finds and repurposed pieces. Yet, the final look feels anything but dated. The juxtaposition of current design trends, ranging from concrete floors and stainless steel counters in the kitchen, to brass accents and modern fixtures in master bath, seem right at home next to vintage Moroccan pendants, 18th century mirrors and reclaimed church pews (used as dining benches). Virtually everything in this space feels found or collected rather than purchased. But there are a few genius design tricks that keeps the vintage vibe from going to too grandma.

The color palette remains consistently muted throughout the house. The dominance of black and white feel timeless. Spaces also remain edited rather than overstuffed. Most rooms rely on significant negative space, leaving them feeling open and airy. I love the use of genius details in the kitchen like the antique cabinet turned into counter space and a concrete-clad sink set against the wall with a faucet above.

Some walls in the house were not refurbished, exposing old layers of paint and wallpaper. While the herringbone floors are new, they as if they might have been there forever.

A Murano glass chandelier holds court in a sitting room.

I will forever remain a sucker for a physical inspiration wall. Black washi tape adds an intentional graphic touch.

A vintage painting makes for the perfect vignette at the top of a stairway.

The mix of cool grays and warm brown towns add to this homes soothing, yet welcoming feel.

I call this vintage down in a good way – not in a fixer upper kind of way.

I love this home’s elevated take on kids’ spaces (the owner does have three). But there’s nothing overly saccharin nor crayola-fied in these rooms. Instead, vintage pieces are simply repurposed for a child’s needs.

This home feels like a space that is ever evolving. Nothing is static. New treasures come in, perhaps old pieces find new homes. It’s kinda like life. It always ebbs and flows. So the spaces we live in should too.

Here’s how add a bit of this vibe to your space.

mirror / chandelier / moroccan pendant / arm chair / vintage stoneware / pendant / cutting board / art / vintage gucci suitcase / rug / basket

You can learn even more about this home’s owner, Malin Perrson here.

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photography by petra bindel for milk decorationelle decoration 

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  1. What a gorgeous house! It is brave and bold but also inviting. The black in the kitchen was unexpected. I also love the wall inspiration (but, washi tape always falls off!).