Have you ever had grand plans? Good intentions? Were totally ready to crush that big project, nail that presentation or even just get up on time in the morning until one domino falls and it all goes to hell? That would be me after a blissful unplugged weekend in the middle of nowhere Montana – only to miss a flight and spend 12 hours in airport purgatory. But this where I can relate this post back to design (that is why you came here right??).  Zen-like design can help soothe. I’m the first to admit that (apparently!) like catching an airplane, the minimal design holy grail can be hard to acheive, but it can be so good for your physche when you do.  Just check out the spaces below.

design zen on apartment 34

My heart rate mellows and my breath softens when I see spaces that are sophisticated in their simplicity. They bely the fact that each detail is meticulously chosen.  They’re like their own mini-medititions. That’s why I so often champion this kind of paired back approach to design (even though I know, it can be really really hard to maintain in real life). The color palettes are muted and consistent. I can only imagine how much calmer I would have felt this morning if I’d woken to spaces like these. Edited. Refined. Without excess layers. Focus on space to move and breath and be. So as I attempt to play catch up, while the inbox overflows and the to-do’s pile up, I’m going to mentally step into any one of these rooms and take 10 deep breaths. There. That’s much better. Now you try it.

design zen on apartment 34design zen on apartment 34design zen on apartment 34design zen on apartment 34design zen on apartment 34 design zen on apartment 34design zen on apartment 34

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