I talk a lot about design trends around here, but I’m switching things up for our first Idea to Steal of 2018. It’s catching been catching my eye for awhile, but I think it’s official. Pampas grass is now a thing.

pampas grass trend on apartment 34

I mean, just look at this pampas grass cloud! What was once a dusty old grandma plant that often sat for decades in an urn the corner, suddenly has a totally new, really modern life. This stunning installation created Mary Lennox for Our Food Stories certainly takes tablescapes next level. Might not be the most practical idea for an at-home application, but I now want to throw the most epic dinner of all time just so I can attempt a version of my own.

pampas grass trend on apartment 34

I’ve also seen pampas grass popping up in a lot of wedding related scenarios, including lining aisles, in bouquets, surrounding alters and such. But this fun floor based installation would be dramatic in an entry you were feeling particularly daring.

pampas grass trend on apartment 34

Because I cannot quit this pampas cloud, especially in this moodier iteration.

pampas grass trend on apartment 34

Pampas grass looks purdy just laid down as a table’s centerpiece. It pairs beautifully with other branches and greens.

While I spot the classic pale pampas grass on the side of the road all over the Bay Area, you can actually buy dried pampas online and in a variety of colors!

pampas grass trend on apartment 34

But if you want to keep things a simple and attempt an easy, realistic pampas grass application, consider adding a handful to a dried flower arrangement. It looks stunning on the mantel above, juxtaposed with branches and simple white berries. In the right environment it totally ditches its dated past and instead feels boho and modern and cool. I for one am totally on the pampas grass bandwagon.


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images via mary lennox envelopes by olympia  / colored pampas / wedding table / our food stories / glitter guide

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  1. Imagine all the dust coming down from this grass strait to your plate….

  2. It looks funky and cool but all I can think about is the dust it will collect, no? Especially the one on the ceiling? (As a mom with a toddler, I think so much about dust, allergies, germs, etc.!)

  3. Fantastic!! I love it. reminds me of throwing water in the air on a cold day, that instantly freezes.

  4. Hi there,

    Love this concept, just curious as to where the pampas is sourced from?

    1. I can get pampas at my local flower market. Thought it also grows wild in California. Large flower markets are probably your best bet!

  5. I can not find affordable pampas grass plumes on line or anywhere in Arkansas. I need them for a wedding. Supplier suggestions?