Now that we’re about to enjoy the longest days of the year, it’s time to take pack as much as we can into every daylight hour – which is why I am adding to Team Apartment 34 this summer! If you love interior design, style, food and travel, have an interest in editorial & content production, writing, styling or marketing, then you just might make the perfect Apartment 34 Editorial Intern.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to kick off the Summer season with a bang: a search for an ah-mazing person for this internship!! Might it be you??

internship with apartment 34

Here’s what you’ll get to do:

> See what’s like to run a blog as a business

> See what it takes to create daily content for a lifestyle website

> Get behind the scenes of photo shoots, styling, event planning and more

> Understand the world of online marketing

Here’s what we’re looking for (in a nutshell):

> Someone who totally vibes with the Apartment 34 aesthetic, has great taste and a keen eye

> Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail

> Strong editorial skills with ability to write both long-form articles and content for social media

> Only motivated self starters with a passion for lifestyle topics need apply

> Strong grasp and major interest in digital platforms  is a must

> Experience with WordPress and Photoshop is a major bonus

> Flexibility, willingness to try new thing  and the ability to work in a nontraditional environment absolutely required!

> Willingness to try the less glamorous parts of business – monitoring emails, running errands, administrative tasks

> High level of creativity & ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously are also MAJOR MUSTS!!

> Can work remotely but able to work in San Francisco will score you bonus points

> Monthly stipend dependent on final role definition and skill set of applicants

internship with apartment 34

So come on, tell us why you’re amazing and how you’d rock Team Apartment 34’s world this summer!

We are accepting resumes sent to info AT apartment34 DOT com until 5pm MONDAY, JUNE 4. Please be sure to include Editorial Intern 2018  in the subject line.

If we can offer some advice, remember one thing: we stare at emails all day. So get creative with the process, catch our attention, basically be so badass that we can’t ignore you! Please also link us to anything you think represents you and your work: personal blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter. We want to see it all.

Good luck!

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