Last week you got to see the final reveal of my One Room Challenge space, but today I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes sneak peek into how I pulled off that dramatic transformation! I have discovered the most ah-mazing service and I think any and everyone needs to know about it.

meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34

Let me introduce you to Trove. Trove is full-service storage for the Bay Area. Trove is the new super easy way to store your belongings. Trove comes to your house and photographs, catalogs, professionally packs, moves, and ‘Troves’ your items so that you never forget what you’re storing and swipe right when you want an item back. You’ll get it back to your doorstep pronto.

While I’d been doing my One Room Challenge design planning for weeks (seriously, 90% of design is logistics management), figuring out how to actually physically make the room come together was a conundrum.  I mean, I live (and work!) in a two-story house, and I was not going to schlepping massive pieces of furniture down my narrow 150-year-old staircase by myself. You also can’t really have a toddler’s room in total disarray. They like their routines. So I knew I had to flip the space in a single day.

meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34 meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34

Above is probably the most complete before of my son’s room that I’ve shared to date. To transform the room from a nursery to a big-boy space, I needed to move out a massive glider, a super heavy rug, a crib, bookshelf and a changing table, among other odds and ends.

I also used the ORC as the perfect excuse to purge the baby toys and board books I’d been holding onto for way to long. But did I have the time to take all that stuff to a donation center myself – not mid photo shoot I didn’t.

meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34

But this is why Trove blows my mind. They answer the question of what the heck to do with your old stuff. Rather than struggle  to figure out how to sell it, deal with Craigslist headaches orTry to donate everything, Trove does it all for you.  But how would I haul it? Where would I take? What if I haven’t quite decided what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of?

Oh and did I fail to mention that they can also pack it all for you?! So while I was frantically running around ensuring all of the new pieces for Carter’s room had arrived, I had two incredibly nice, incredibly professional guys boxing up all of the baby things, packing up the furniture and taking everything out.

meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34meet the storage service Trove on Apartment 34

Trove has thought of it all. You can store your items on a month by month basis. You can peruse your inventory on your phone, from the comfort of your couch. You can ask Trove to bring back something you need or choose to donate the items you no longer want to hold on to. Didn’t I tell you this service is GENIUS.

I seriously would have to deal with the biggest headache trying to move and get rid of my furniture if I hadn’t been able to Trove it all. Yes Troving is a verb. One I suspect I’ll be using again.

Still need convincing? We actually captured my entire move on video – and you can see it below.

If you missed the One Room Challenge reveal CLICK HERE.

this post is in partnership with Trove. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting posts that have kept Apartment 34’s doors open. 

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