Before I really kick this post off, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Obviously, I’m a very big neutral gal. I love a good white room with mile-high ceilings. Or maybe a home with just a touch of color by way of a gorgeous pastel shade. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think you can have fun with color in whatever space you’re decorating, but mama’s comfort zone is this side of neutral and minimal.

OK, now that that’s off my chest, I do realize that not everyone wants to live in shades of beige. And since summer is often the most colorful season, I thought what better time to dive into a bit of color inspiration. If I were to add color to a space, I like to go soft, muted route (hello all the subtle blues and greys), but today is about stepping up and sharing where others have dared to go.

inspiring ways to use color on apartment 34inspiring ways to use color on apartment 34

Case in point—furniture. If I were thinking about how and where to add a sprinkle of color to a space, the sofa or an accent chair are your gateway drug of choice. Both of the examples above are velvet because texture is always good too, but whatever you choose to do in your space doesn’t necessarily have to check both the color and the texture boxes. Bottom line is if you prefer a neutral color on the wall, but want to add a little pep to your color scheme, the sofa or an armchair is definitely something to consider.

Now onto paint. This may seem bold, but a well-thought-out accent wall can work very nicely (hello Sunset Bungalow).

inspiring ways to use color on apartment 34

Let’s be real, that pink kitchen is wild, but I appreciate the sentiment. It’s balanced well with the remaining charcoal cabinets and lighter floors. Will I be doing this in home anytime soon? Probably not, but doing a two-toned kitchen is definitely a trend du jour and I’m a fan. If you ask me, the bolder color of the two should reflect your family’s vibe. If that’s a crazy pink, go for it!

I also like what’s happening in the green accent wall in the home office above. The idea of keeping all your main rooms bright and white but then adding a dramatic color gets an A+ in my book. It’s a great way to anchor a space that resides off your main living area. Also, I want to take a minute to ogle that black framed glass pocket door. That is definitely a detail I’d add to my home in a minute.

And of course, let’s not forget about art and accessories.

These are the things that make a space unique to you, so don’t shy away from colorful or abstract art, plants, rugs or a few colorful accessories that give your home that dash of spice. This pink chair is another fantastic example of boldly hued furniture. I’m this close to considering one of my own…

So what’s the verdict on color? Are you guys on board? Believe it or not, putting this together may have inspired me to add a little more to our home.


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  1. The pink kitchen is wonderful, and the others are nice but not all that unusual.