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Summer in San Francisco is always a bit of an odd experience. It’s often gray, cold and windy. Highs rarely hit higher than 65. No really, it’s true. But I’m getting a dose of real summer now with near 100 degree temperatures in Austin, Texas.

It’s been a few years since I was last in Austin and feels so good to be back. I’m here for a design inspiration experience with Hunter Fans. It’s been such a treat to get out my usual Bay Area bubble and get a dose of that southern charm. We’ve been able to tour the Southern Living Magazine Idea house – if you’re in Austin you must go. Meredith Ellis did amazing work with her design. We’ve toured some of Austin’s most delicious (and gorgeous) restaurants and today we’re visiting the the Blanton Museum of Art and taking in some of the sights around South Congress to fuel our design engines. The day is going to end with a design challenge (eek!) so be sure to check out my Insta-Stories this week. I’ll be sharing everything there.

And since I’m lucky enough to get a major dose of inspiration this week, I thought I’d share the best interior design inspiration I’ve spied on the interwebs of late.

My bestie Cassandra as made some amazing updates to her living room. I think it’s about time I go be a house guest.

Color is making a major comeback in design. Not only did I talk about it this week, but so did Jenny Komenda and she shared one of my favorite examples of a sophisticated, color-filled home.

The Southern Living Idea was filled with print and pattern, but I love Honestly WTF’s causal Californian take on the look. Click her for major print, pattern and color inspiration.

If you’ve been wondering if pink is still having a moment the answer is yes.

Austin is full of porches and patios. Kirsten’s patio makeover is giving me major outdoor area envy.

I wish I’d had more time to research Austin before my trip. If only a book like the just released 500 hidden secrets of San Francisco existed. If you’re headed to SF this summer you need to get this book. I’m getting too because there are still so many things about this town I don’t know about!

On a fashion-related note, while in sweltering Austin, I’m busting out shorts for the first time since having Carter. It’s not something a 38 year old should do without forethought. Thankfully, Jen had great shorts styling tips for me.

Let me know if you’d be interested in an Austin highlights post. I know I’m only getting to dip my toe in this cool city but I’m loving everything I see so far.


Till Monday!

photo of the pool at our Austin home – the South Congress Hotel. I’m obsessed.

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