It’s the 4th of July holiday week! Are you fully ready to get your summer on? This is that odd time of the season when it feels like summer will stretch on forever, but I know in the back of my mind that I’ll in fact blink, and it’ll be September. So this year I’m looking to make a little summer bucket list – before there’s only a week of August left.

10 things to try this summer on apartment 34


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

I know we usually focus on spring cleaning, but summer is the perfect time to tackle a major purge. Things are a little slower, the kids might be out of school, you might have relatives visiting. So take the opportunity to tackle a little something. It doesn’t have to be major. Maybe it’s just a dresser. Or the pantry. Or the utility closet that just collects…whatever is lying around. Make a point to fully clean out one thing and you’ll be amazed at how much lighter your spirit feels. And who knows, you may get on a roll and tackle more than you thought you ever could!

READ SOMETHING (that isn’t digital)

10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

Have you heard about Audible? It’s apparently what all the kids are doing while they run, wash dishes, or commute these day. And while I’m a big fan of maximizing time, I firmly believe there is something to be said for reading. Actual reading. Words on a page, held by your actual hands, that requires attention and focus. And I’m also a big fan of picking up a physical book. Something on your phone or tablet doesn’t count. Get immersed in something that isn’t backlit, even if it’s just the latest exposé in Vanity Fair (no shame in catching up on your magazines). I’ve let go of the massive summer reading list goal because #reallife but I would like to knock out at least one full book. I’m considering options off of this list, this list, this list or this list.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

While Bay Area beaches are not usually the lay out and bake kind (more like the bundle up and power walk until you can’t stand the wind anymore), but there’s still something about sticking your toes in the sand that screams summer. Then there’s always hopping a plane to Hawaii – which I’m also seriously considering.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

There’s something to be said for a good ole fashioned road trip. I’m lucky that places like wine country, Big Sur and the Sonoma Coast are in my backyard making short trips super easy. We’ve yet to brave a super long road trip with a toddler. Airplane travel doesn’t intimidate but hours upon hours in a car with a threenager who does not sleep….I’m not feeling so brave. Anyone done it and not only survived but had fun?! I’d love your tips.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

Yes, I remember it was the thing last summer, but frosé is still just so good.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

Summer is primetime for impromptu guests, making it very handy to have an impromptu cocktail recipe up your sleeve. Find something that you truly love and that doesn’t include a lot of esoteric ingredients. Whip one up for a couple of nights until you feel confident you’ve got it down. Then you’ll never leave your friends feeling thirsty but you always won’t be bumbling around at the bar.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

A spicy pesto with soft and creamy ricotta and a touch of salty prosciutto – this is the perfect 30-minute summer dinner.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 3410 things to try this summer on apartment 34

When throwing a summer party, yes, you can go all out and while it’s certainly rather fun, it is by no means required. This is the season for super easy entertaining. Nothing needs to be complicated. Little details can elevate the dining room table you only just cleared of this month’s mail. Throw down a simple linen table cloth, layer your plates and tie a cloth napkin in an off kilter knot. Break out a beautiful bowl for salad. Vintage wood boards make perfect serving platters. And while my yard isn’t really party ready, I’m certainly an advocate for bringing your gathering outside! Alicia’s yard is definitely goals.


10 things to try this summer on apartment 34

I’ve fully embraced the five minute face and consider myself better for it.

What’s on your summer to-do list? Maybe a little camping? An outdoor movie night? Make your own ice cream? The days are long but the weeks are going to fly by friends. I hope you can enjoy every precious moment.

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