Whoever said the lavatory is strictly a place for “business” was WAY off. This highly trafficked room deserves so much more. In a space that tends to be de-prioritized when it comes to decorating, we’re loving the idea of using a piece of art to elevate your typical bathroom decor.

In fact, we’d argue that the bathroom is a perfect place to display an eye-catching art piece. There’s always a “captive” audience, if you know what we mean.


We’re not suggesting you throw down mad cash for an original masterpiece here. Rather this is the perfect place to get a little experimental and peruse sources like eBay, Etsy, Elsie Green or your good ole fashioned flea market for something inexpensive and interesting. We love the high contrast and seriousness of the portrait in the bathroom above. It adds an air of gravitas to the space. You’ll note there isn’t a shower in this space so there’s less need to fret about dampness.

In the end, adding a piece of original art is a simple way to give the bathroom the attention it deserves. After all, it’s always been there to help us take care of our dirty work.

What sort of interesting decor have you seen or chosen for your bathroom?? We’d love to hear more Ideas to Steal!

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image via Oscar V

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