While this Idea to Steal is nearly five years old, I think the debate still rages. I’m eager to hear what you think!

Bookshelves are an essential tool in your styling arsenal. Book collections are the no-brainer way to add personality to a room. But sometimes you need a breath of fresh air and this week’s Idea to Steal is just that.

What if, instead a cacophony of random titles, all those different colors and fonts screaming at you, you just turned the spines of your books around?! Suddenly, you have a soft, neutral and monochromatic look.

the great book debate on apartment 34the great book debate on apartment 34the great book debate on apartment 34the great book debate on apartment 34

My dear friend Kirsten of Simply Grove actually caught a ton of flack for this concept when she debuted it back in 2010, but these days the look continues to pop up everywhere. And given that I love pretty much every idea Kirsten ever has, of course, I’m loving this too. In fact, we already tried it in a little corner of the loft.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the anonymous bookshelf look?

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image 1 sfgirlbybay // piero lissoni showroom // image 2 by joshua simpson for remodelista // image 3 by alexis toureau for maison & deco

What do you think?

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  1. This is a pet peeve for me. I loathe this.
    If you have books that you actually use and read – how are you to find them? This is the tail wagging the dog. A well curated and used personal library has an aura all it’s own – but if you buy books by the yard to decorate a soulless room – this is the way to go.

    This look has been around for longer than 8 years. Like poison ivy, it will not be extinguished.

  2. How on earth do you find a book with all the spines turned inward? Obviously, the person(s) living in this space are not readers.

  3. Avid reader, avid spineless book decorator. I took a picture with spines out and flipped the books. Problem solved.

  4. I’m torn,
    on one hand I have lots of books at home that i have read and loved and couldn’t part with, and in doing this it gives them a second life and it looks fab if you are keeping to a minimalist scandi look.
    But on the other hand I would feel embarrassed doing this in my home, I have a lot of book reading friends and I think they would call me a basic sheep lol.