When I’m looking for fresh design inspiration, I almost always turn to kitchens. The diversity in kitchen design is unrivaled. Hence why my “Kitchens” Pinterest board has over 2,300 pins! You can find a kitchen style to suit literally any taste (good, bad and ugly). The creativity you can inject into a kitchen is also essentially limitless. That’s why they’re my favorite source for fresh color palettes, new materials and inventive problem solving.

Case in point, my latest favorite new kitchen design idea: the round vent hood.

inventive round vent hood on apartment 34

We’ve talked about a myriad of eye-catching vent hoods over the years, from marble, to gold, to copper, but this totally new take recently grabbed my attention. And as soon as I spied one option, there was a second and then a third, leading me to believe a trend is a-brewing. I for one love how the dramatic cylindrical vent hood offers a totally fresh take on a kitchen’s typical focal point.

inventive round vent hood on apartment 34inventive round vent hood on apartment 34

On the one hand, this option adds a unique curve to what is a typically a very linear room. Conversely, the round hood doesn’t disguise what it is – a utility pipe – so it has a bit of an industrial edge too. The options above work particularly well because they designers choose to paint and lacquer their hoods, offering a much more sophisticated edge.

It so happens that all of these designs stem from Australia – so I don’t know if they have a leading cylindrical vent hood supplier down under or if the Aussie’s are just leading the charge on this new trend (as they often are for most of my favorite design ideas) but I’m all for it. In fact, it’s making me want to add a vent hood to our kitchen!

What say you? Are you into this totally unique look? It’s certainly encouraging me to play with new shapes in unexpected places in our house.

PS: Before you dash off, I have some rather exciting news. Apartment 34 has been nominated for a Domino Magazine 2018 Design Blog Award – for best Lifestyle Blog! To say I was thoroughly shocked by this news is quite the understatement. It’s kinda like a Christmas, birthday and 10-year blog anniversary present all rolled into one. And the honor is even more meaningful as so many of my favorite OG fellow blogger are nominated as well – Simply Grove, La Dolce Vita, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Jojotasic, House of Brinson, Paper + Stitch, My Paradissi, and even two who go waaay back with me, Bright Bazaar and my BFF Coco + Kelley, in the very same category no less.

But who is the final winner of each category is up to you. All winners will be determined by popular vote. You can vote for your favorites one time per day from NOW through Sunday, September 23. After the people have spoken, the 2018 class will be celebrated at a party at Hotel Zachary in Chicago, courtesy of the sponsor of the award, Tribute Portfolio Hotels, and each winner will receive a feature profile on Domino. No biggie.

I secretly hope it all ends in a massive tie. There’s got to be a way to make that happen right?! CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

PPS: For even more kitchen inspiration, CLICK HERE.

kitchen 1 by studio esteta, photography by tom blachfordkitchen 2 by lucy bock, photography by mark roper / kitchen 3 by gia bathrooms & kitchens photography by emily bartlett / kitchen 4 pinterest

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  1. It’s fantastic!! I love this entire kitchen.