Committing to a paint color can be a huge challenge – hence why my entire house is white. You don’t want the hue you choose to overwhelm your room, but that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of color all together. Give your favorite paint color a try with half-painted walls; my latest Idea to Steal.

idea to steal: half-painted walls on apartment 34

However, I must make clear that this idea is much more than a color-testing system. A half-painted wall is a fabulous design trick in and of itself. Let’s have a look!

idea to steal: half-painted walls on apartment 34idea to steal: half-painted walls on apartment 34idea to steal: half-painted walls on apartment 34idea to steal: half-painted walls on apartment 34

Using this painting scheme is a great way to add the appearance of architectural detail to your space, even when there really isn’t any. Consider it a modern approach to wainscoting. A half-painted wall usually follows the perimeter of a room, creating a nice flow. Layering a dark color along two thirds of a wall below white (or at least a much lighter tone) helps you create a feeling of added height. Keeping your color to the lower third grounds a space.

I love that the technique lets you make a bold statement without being overwhelming. When done with a particularly bold color, it will create a dynamic feel. As a persistent lover of white walls, I think this option would be the perfect happy medium for a slight color-phobe such a myself. I could introduce drama and wonderful design detail while maintaining my beloved modern, clean aesthetic. I’m already considering doing this look somewhere in the victorian…stay tuned.

What do you think? Would you be willing to give the half-painted wall idea a try?

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What do you think?

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  1. I want to do this in my master bathroom but I don’t know how. Any tips?

  2. Half painted wall gives us the benefit of bold color without overwhelming your space, and is much easier than painting the whole wall from top to bottom if you have high ceilings.

  3. Love this idea and it might be the perfect solution for my open entryway where there was no great place to end the color if we went all the way to the ceiling