There are few things that stop me in my tracks these days. You can find a lot of crazy good design out there. But when I stumbled across the tour of artist McKenzie Dove’s studio, I was floored. I officially want live in McKenzie’s world! I think you’re going to to want to too.

Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio

Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio

Originally from a 2,500 person town in Texas, 29-year old Dove is a painter and sculptor based in Alabama. Entirely self-taught (she began to live on her own at 17) she works in oil paints applied only with palette knives, alla the Impressionist greats. But she works in stark, minimal palates – namely black or white – and on a dramatically large scale. Many of her canvases are 9 feet or bigger. And I’m obsessed. The depth and texture to her work is just stunning.

And so is the space in which it resides.

Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio  Tour: An Elevated Artist StudioTour: An Elevated Artist Studio

Her sketches are part of her process of developing larger scale painters but now she finds clients want to purchase them as well. I do too!

Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio

She also works in plaster, making 3-dimensional objects and busts.

Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio Tour: An Elevated Artist Studio

But what drew me to this work is also the space in which it resides. Dove surrounds herself with beautiful objects, classic vintage pieces, antiques found at estate sales all in a pitch perfect way that makes you almost feel you’re peeking into a sophisticated, art-filled home, not a working art studio.

But that’s her intention. She wants her pieces to feel at home surrounded by inspiring things. I for one certainly think she’s succeeded.

Tour: An Elevated Artist StudioTour: An Elevated Artist StudioTour: An Elevated Artist StudioTour: An Elevated Artist Studio

But I can’t take credit for discovering McKenzie Dove. She fell on my radar thanks to the new site Maryn, the latest creation from Michelle Adams – the former Editor in Chief of Domino Magazine. Her eye for the unique and hard to find is uncanny. I know I am going to be going to Maryn for inspiration on the regular. And I am officially trying to figure out where a McKenzie Dove Piece can live in This Old Victorian!

For more inspiring tours, CLICK HERE.

images via mckenzie dove and by marta xochilt perez for maryn

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  1. SUPERB!

    Amazing talent. I wish she could transform my place in Newport Beach California.