Gift giving is an odd exercise. There are the commercialized aka relatively meaningless gifts. A pair of noise-canceling headphones. A throw blanket. A candle. You know all that generic stuff that you could throw at anyone and they would be…pleased. But not likely going to do a backflip.

This year, I’ve been trying to put as much thought as I can behind gift options, thinking intently about the interests, passions and personal style of recipients in order to come up with gifts that really resonate. I was particularly inspired by our current political climate, the #MeToo movement and the surge of women just elected to Congress. Feminine energy and empowerment is in the air and I’m loving it.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

With this theme in mind, I partnered with Society6 to put together a gift guide of pieces highlighting their brand new furniture collection. Society6’s treasure trove of wall art, over 300,000 independent artists’ work is represented on the site and many are offered already framed, home decor (think serving trays, wall clocks, throw pillows, bedding, rugs, and additional decorative items) and now furniture (customizable credenzas, benches, counter stools and coffee tables) is vast! You can really hone in a style that speaks to to your unique tastes at prices you can actually afford.

But for this gift guide I wanted to create a cohesive vignette – which I think would be great in a hallway, a bedroom or home office – celebrating all things feminine, playful but also powerful and strong.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

Even though I knew I was going to use Society6’s new customizable credenza and bench in this design, the inspiration for the final look started with the wall art. Society6’s art catalog is just so good. I adore these pieces so much. Each one spoke to me immediately.

For me, Floral beauty by Society6 artist Dada22 represents the endlessness nature of female creativity, that is too often silenced as depicted in Brutalized Gainsborough by Chad Whys. Then, in Books by Carl Arl, there is trying to know, do and be everything to everyone, but being exhausted by the entire endeavor. Just a couple of my “deep thoughts.”

Ultimately, I think collectively this little trio of wall art offers a visual encapsulation of the female experience, but I’ll leave you to interpret them however you see fit (dying to know what think of each one – be sure to comment below!).

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your LifeA Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

With my art selected, I then went on to design my custom credenza. You can apply a litany of designs from Society6’s catalog to their new credenzas, but I was immediately smitten with the boob print by Natalie Catalina. Not necessarily for the shy, I love its cheeky style. The brass legs are another great design detail.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

I toned things down a bit by choosing to cover a bench in the design Shape Study #16 by This Weekend Studio. Their work consists of geometric shapes in muted color palates. The bench’s brass legs tie directly to the credenza (you could also pick black for the legs) and the muted “mountains” print in taupe and white means this bench could work in an entry, a bedroom or even at an eat-in kitchen table seamlessly.

A Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your LifeA Society6 Gift Guide for the Feminist in Your Life

A final few details tie everything together. A moon phases wall clock by Canadian illustrator and designer Nayla Smith offers another nod to female energy. A light pink glass vase offers a pop of feminine sophistication.

I would gladly receive any of these pieces this holiday season, but this vignette also exemplifies how you can inject personality and individualism into your own space. Because letting your personality proudly shine through your design is really the greatest gift of all.

Shop my picks from Society6 below. Your entire order is 30% OFF today with the code JOLLY30!

original photography for apartment 34 by andrea posadas

This post is in partnership with Society6. Thanks for supporting collaborations we’re excited about and that have kept apartment 34’s doors open.

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