Alright friends, how’s that Christmas shopping going?? Assuming many of you are as behind as I am, I thought I’d dive into the gift guides in earnest this week. So you’ll being getting a daily dose of shopping ideas each morning, along with the day’s regular post each afternoon as well. Don’t worry, these guides are helping me too. They’re forcing me to track down unique pieces for everyone on my list! Oh and I’d love to know what gift guides you would find most helpful. For the kiddos? The guys? In-laws?? I definitely want to offer whatever helps the most.

I’m kicking things off with one of my personal favorites – guides for the design-loving cook. I’m certainly a sucker for any pretty kitchen gadget, so you might consider this a personal wishlist as much as it is a gift guide! Continue to scroll for eight deliciously gorgeous options.

Gift Guide for the Design-Loving Cook on apartment 34Gift Guide for the Design-Loving CookWhile it took me a really long time post kiddo to get back into cooking, I’m finally diving into new recipes, cooking family dinners, dreaming up recipes and loving every minute of it.I might even try my hand at baking this holiday season. But I am very particular about what comes into my kitchen. And these days you do not have to sacrifice form for function. Any one of the kitchen accuerumounts listed below would certainly help motivate me to keep on cooking. Or at least hang out in the kitchen and stare at my pretty tools while I await Thai takeout. No judgements.

1. The Perfect Whisk. While the handle on this whisk looks like faceted stone, it’s in fact made of easy to grip silicone!

2. Your Secret Weapon Spice. Za’atar is the perfect finishing touch for soups, salads, even sprinkled on yogurt or in your olive oil. Your guests will think you’re a genius.

3. A High Design Cast Iron.Everyone needs a good cast iron pan but who says it has to be big and bulky. This thin, sleek modern version does the job, beautifully.

4. When Spoon Meets Spatula. Multi-use tools are a must and this Spoonula can scoop. It can scrape. It can withstand 500 degree heat and cleans like a dream. Kick all those old sad spatulas good-bye.

5. An Above Average Bowl. A handmade stoneware bowl adds a touch of art to the kitchen.

6. Really Nice Rice. This traditional hagama rice cooker will ensure you get a perfect batch of rice each time. Or look perfect on your counter. Both are equally good reasons to need one.

7. Compost Trés Chic. Just because you compost can get kinda disgusting, that doesn’t mean it’s container should be. Finally a compost bin I wouldn’t mind sitting out on the counter.

8. The Fundamentals. Every home cook needs the proper set of tools. This set of seven offers the pieces you’ll reach for on the daily. But most importantly, each tool in this set is as good looking as it is useful.


image by nicole franzen for eyeswoon

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