Tis the season for a daily tipple! With 10 shopping days left, there’s enough time to try every one of my favorite holiday cocktails and pick up a chic tool for your favorite mixologist.

cozy holiday moments on apartment 34

1.  Form + Function. A simple tool doesn’t have to ugly. I love the architectural lines of this chic studio Hay bottle opener.

2. Shape Shifters. For the whiskey lovers who refuse to skimp on style, these are the only whiskey rocks you should buy.

3. Deco Decanter. This decanter will look gorge down to the last drop.

4. X Marks the Spot. So so long to all flat coasters.

5. Go Big or Go Home. The jumbo ice cube is a cocktail lover’s best friend. Now you can make them at home.

6. A Sweet Treat. If you’re going to make the perfect Negroni, you must have have this sweet vermouth at your disposal.

7. Grasp at Straws. It’s officially time to kick plastic to the curb. These golden hued stainless steel straws are a must have.

8. Where My Curves At. It’s time to toast with champagne flutes that have a little more flare. This deco-inspired pair is simply gorgeous.

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