Self-care is all the rage these days. From meditation apps, to palo santo bundles popping up at Urban Outfitters, the tools used by the truly devout have made their way into the mainstream. But that’s certainly not a bad thing. We could all benefit from a little extra mindfulness. I’ve rounded up the must-have tools to help everyone on your list get their wellness on.

1. Crystal Clear. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations believed that the powers of crystals could release mental, physical and spiritual blockages and that each crystal has unique properties and energies. This set is intended to help boost happiness. They’re the perfect size to hold in your hand while you do your daily affirmations.

2. Om. This meditation bundle is like your mindfulness starter kit. It includes five incense sticks and vegan soap to help you clear your thoughts and cleanse your soul.

3. Keep Rollin. Anything that helps you destress is a good idea in my book. This roll-on aromatherapy by the nontoxic skincare brand True Botanicals offers instant stress relief in the form of pure essential oils chosen for their ability to lessen anxiety and induce calm.

4. Pick a Card.Tarrot cards help offer a little insight in to the universe’s intentions. This particular tarrot deck also offers engaging illustration by San Francisco based artist Casey Zabala to help you on your path to self-discovery.

5. Chill. Facial rolling is like a thing now. It helps tone and relax facial muscles, diminish wrinkles and drain lymph, but you don’t have to break the bank for a fancy-schmancy roller. This pair is under $20!

6. Thirst Quenching. Crystal-infused water is said to help shift energies. This water bottle comes with a rose quartz crystal embedded at its bottom to attract love. Every little bit helps!

7. Star Power. This tome will help the astrological novice get a deeper understanding of their sign and everything from moon phases to planetary shifts.

8. Burn Out. A proper moment for deep thought isn’t complete without a good place to let your incense smoke. This natural brass incense burner is beautiful even if you don’t manage to get your 10 minutes of meditation in that day.

With just 8 days left until Christmas, make sure to check out our entire Gift Guide archive here. I’m off to shop myself!

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