While I’ve yet to discuss my 2019 goals here (there’s still 1 days left in the month – plenty o’ time to figure things out), one of my biggest points of focus for the new year is my house. If you’ve been a long time reader, then you well know about our historic Victorian renovation project, but you may have lost track of how much time I’ve spent on it. I haven’t. We’re entering year five. FIVE.

I realize that might sound excessive, but in fact a project of this length is actually totally realistic when dealing with a gut renovation of a very old house. And realistic when you’re wanting to do things right, rather than quickly (or free). I haven’t been willing to compromise. I feel like This Old Victorian (and I!) deserve that. But I am determined to finally, finally, finally call the house finished this year. So over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of the final steps I’m taking to polish this baby off.

Racetrack dining tables on apartment 34

While I talked about my master bedroom before the end of the year, and I have a very fun update on that coming soon, I’m also still tinkering with my dining room. I’ve actually been hunting for a very particular design unicorn for this space. I know what you’re probably thinking. Wait, haven’t we already seen your dining room like tons of times? Well, yes, yes you have, but it’s always been in a holding pattern. I’ve yet to realize my true vision for this space.

You see, I’ve been holding out for is a very particular dining table – a racetrack table.

Racetrack dining tables on apartment 34

Racetrack dining tables feature long straight sides and rounded ends – resembling a racetrack. These tables are not oval. That is a key differentiator.

A racetrack dining table can be narrower, but longer allowing you to still accommodate large dinner parties (goals!). I also really love how these tables are still softly curved. It’s exactly what my highly angular dining room desperately needs. A racetrack table’s curved ends also echo my beloved curved windows.

Racetrack dining tables on apartment 34 Racetrack dining tables on apartment 34 Racetrack dining tables on apartment 34

Now that I have my dream table design identified, I still have to consider materials. Your materials selection can create dramatically different vibes. A marble racetrack table feels very elevated and elegant (and like stain magnet – I still have a preschooler after all.) Honed stone could be really stately. A lighter oak table could read more rustic while a deep walnut could really anchor the room.

Now do you see why this has taken me so long?? This one of what’s probably added up to a million decisions I’ve had to make about this house. But I’m continuing to continue to hunt for my dining table unicorn. And I guess I should start looking for dining chairs while I’m at it!

What do you think?

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