Or more accurately, I want to keep up with Waldo Fernandez and Kathleen & Tommy Clements, the designers behind Jenner’s her private LA home (not the one they film). Jenner had nothing to do with the design. She just signs the checks. Money can’t buy you taste, but it can buy you really good designers who have it in spades.

And these designers poured all their good taste into this kitchen. I am swooning over this kitchen. The dark cabinetry – with tone on tone hardware is stunning. The offset table-height wrap around bar on the island is lovely. That yummy bronze hood. It’s so so so good. There’s nothing over the top. Every detail is timeless. It’s perfect. I’m annoyed I’m not a billionaire. (the rest of the house is actually equally as good but it’s easy to do when you buy some the prettiest, high end design classics and put them all in one house.)

I’m frantically running around doing my last second errands for Sweden (did you see I’m hitting the road??) but here are some other gems around the web I’ve been loving this week.

Speaking of amazing design, did you hear CB2 is launching vintage?! So crazy. So genius.

This home is giving me all the picture perfect Scandi vibes.

And Jen’s final home reveal of her amazing Austin casa is making me crave all things modern.

Glad Copenhagen can never really be destroyed, unlike Tulum. Guess I missed that boat.

My girl Cassandra has a good design dilemma in her living room – you should weigh in.

My friend Liz is keeping her kids entertained with genius parenting hacks while the Oakland Unified School district is on strike. She’s a genius.

This spring-y DIY is perfect for the first weekend in March – and also perfect for kids.

If you want to get a jump on spring cleaning this weekend, I made a video about that.

Black History Month may have just ended but we should really all keep learning. (thanks for this link too Liz)

And one special story I hope you check out. My friend Kacie and her family of three children have been having their own European adventure for last couple of years in England, but they were about to embark on an extended five months of travel through Europe. After moving out of their home & putting everything they owned into a caravan, it stolen the night before their departure and every single thing the family had was lost. They’ve set up a Go Fund Me – give it a read. I’m hoping we can help ease some of their fears, tensions and help give their darling kids some comfort.

Do tag along for my adventures in Scandinavia! It’s going to be a design-filled whirlwind!

What do you think?

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