I always love taking advantage of a fresh season to refresh a space in my house. But there’s no need to break out the big renovation tools right before you dash off on summer vacation. The bathroom is one of the easiest spaces to spruce up – and I would argue one of the most impactful since you use it everyday. I’ve rounded up five easy updates that will make your bathroom feel new in no time.

Give Your Bathroom that Hotel Feeling

There’s nothing better than soaking in a good hotel tub, am I right (especially if the grandparents are on kid duty)?? An oversized tub, super plush towels and total silence is its own little slice of heaven. While I sadly can’t escape to a hotel as often as I’d like, I decided to try to recreate the vibe in my own master bath by adding a fresh set of Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro
Cotton® bath towels. Created specially for Macy’s, the Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro
Cotton® might be the softest, most plush towels I’ve ever felt.

Added bonus; these towels are good for the earth, too. The towels are produced in an eco-friendly facility using green energy, harnessing the power of the sun and wind. 
They also have a Class A certification under OEKO-TEX® 100, meaning they have been tested and found free of hundreds of chemicals and known allergens meaning they’re great for kids. Not that I’d let these towels migrate to the kids’ bathroom. I’m going to keep these all to myself.

Five Easy Bathroom Updates on apartment 34

Add a Dash of Black

Black hardware in bathrooms continues to have a major moment. Yo can make an easy bathroom update by swapping out your faucet, perhaps your vanity mirror, sconce or better yet all of the above for a dramatic, modern, change.

Five Easy Bathroom Updates on apartment 34

Put Treasures on Display

Bathrooms don’t have to be entirely utilitarian. They can and I would argue they should have moments that are just pure pretty. Add a shelf or two to display favorite collection of treasures – I particularly love ceramics or vases like the bathroom above. A collection of personal objecst connects the bathroom to the vibe in the rest of your house.

Five Easy Bathroom Updates on apartment 34 Five Easy Bathroom Updates on apartment 34

Shop Outside the Bathroom Department

A piece of furniture, lighting or a rug not necessarily meant for the bathroom can take your space to the next level. Before you comment, yes, you might have to make a little extra effort to keep water from damaging said pieces, but I would argue the effort is quite worth the style upgrade.

Five Easy Bathroom Updates on apartment 34

Add Some Life

We all know house plants immediately transform the feeling of a room. A couple of moisture loving plants will enliven your bath and bonus – these are the houseplants you’re most likely to keep alive!

These updates are all quick and simple, but make such a big difference in how your bathroom can feel.

For for bathroom update ideas, CLICK HERE.


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