After being away from home for a good stretch, do you ever come back and look at your space with fresh eyes? It’s almost as if you’ve stepped into someone else’s space, suddenly able to appreciate all the good things, and really notice all the trouble spots. I’m definitely in the throes of decorating self doubt right now.

My first target? The guest room. Ironically, I’ve shared this room and its various makeovers more than any other room in This Old Victorian. And it is perfectly lovely space. But it’s just a little…unremarkable. After sleeping in beautifully elegant bedrooms throughout Italy, I want to make my guest room feel more…special. The easiest way to elevate a space quickly is to bring in truly special pieces that immediately inject personality, history and a distinct point of view.

A great place start is with your bed.

European beds always seem to have such stunning headboard or frames. Granted you have much easier access to a plethora of stunning vintage options across the pond, but I’m determined to add some of that collected, old world feel to my space.

While a dramatically ornate headboard would immediately catch the eye, I’m not convinced that I have to find something overly ostentatious – though I certainly appreciate the look. I think all I really need is a little more height, some interesting curves and perhaps a pretty detail or two.

 Unless I go upholstered. A lush fabric could be a good way to go too…

I love the look of this cane bed. It’s very of the moment, but also timeless.

Finding the perfect look for a show stopping bed is a little bit of a needle in a haystack type of hunt. While I have a dream antique bed on my wishlist, I’m also a decorating pragmatist, so I’ve started hunting for beds I can get right now,. I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorite finds below. Spoiler – a bunch of them are actually from Target and crazy affordable.

Are there are that you particularly love?

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What do you think?

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