Hi Friend – if you’ve been a long time Apt34 reader you probably noticed I’ve taken quite a pause on the site recently. After a number of recent perspective changing experiences, I’ve been taking time to think about how this space can truly be most valuable for your time.

Warm Tones for the Cooler Season

Because to offer someone your time is probably the greatest gift you can give and I don’t want a moment of your day to go to waste. We’re all bombarded by so much information these days – it’s an overload of noise. If I’m overwhelmed, I can only imagine you are too.

Warm Tones for the Cooler Season

And I am so grateful that you would take a moment out of your day to come here – be it for inspiration, design advice or perhaps an update on what’s going on in my personal world (for example, did you know I was just doing a design sourcing trip in Sweden for a week? I was sharing it on Instagram but I do plan to offer a recap of my design discoveries here as well).

Warm Tones for the Cooler Season

But this little corner of the internet and you dear reader, mean so much to me that I want to make this space truly special for us all. So over the coming weeks (and let’s be real, months) you’ll be seeing some changes around here. I’m not ready to give everything away yet, but I’m hoping to have a more in-depth update on Friday.

Warm Tones for the Cooler Season

For now, I can simply say, fear not, the changes won’t be a dramatic departure of what I want Apartment34 to always be at its a core – your go-to resource for taking an intentional approach to modern living – but I want to take things even deeper for you. I am excited for what’s in store. I hope you will be too too.

Warm Tones for the Cooler SeasonWarm Tones for the Cooler Season

Oh – and personal update – I’m also currently working on the biggest project of my blogging career at the moment which has also pulled me away from this website a bit.

Warm Tones for the Cooler Season

I can’t give away much yet, but sneak peeks are happening on Instagram Stories so be sure to check in there. I will be able to share all very very soon!

In the meantime, thank you so much for hanging in there with me. I hope these yummy warm rooms are giving you all the good fall vibes like they did for me. Oh and if you have any input on why you love Apartment 34, what you want to see more of or really any feedback at all, please never hesitate to send me a note or a leave a comment!

I strongly believe the best is yet to come.

images by nicole franzen and by the ingalls of the proper hotel santa monica via yellow trace

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