As we dive headlong into fall, I know the season is all about warm tones and tons of pumpkins, but this year I’m looking to create fall vibes without a gourd in sight (anyone else want to jump on this bandwagon? Just me??). Anywho, I will always, always come to back to gray interiors. They just make me happy. This is especially true in kitchens. Continue to scroll to see why.

gray kitchen on apartment 34  gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34

We all want our kitchens to be stunning, fabulous spaces so we actually love spending all that time in them, right? If we spend a third of our lives asleep, we must spend at least a quarter in the kitchen. Or at least moms do. Regardless, while utilitarian in function, gray puts the sexy back in kitchen design. The examples above are proof positive gray is the way to go (sorry not sorry white kitchens).

Can kitchens be sexy? I dare say they can! A dark charcoal gray color creates a sober, yet glamorous chicness in a kitchen that I just love. That uber-dark gray is warmed up with brass hardware and fixtures, while lighter gray walls and marble counters further soften the look and keep the space from feeling too cave-like. If you really want to get in the mood add those herringbone floors. You’re sure to swoon every time you step on them.

gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34

Now, if you feel like you only want to dip your toe into the gray kitchen pool, a lighter warmer gray on your cabinets is a good first step. When paired with bright white walls and soft wood floors you still maintain a light, bright feeling. You’re living near the edge – just not quite teetering over it.

What say you? You down to go gray this fall?

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