These days, there is no must-have denim. A modern wardrobe requires a well-rounded denim repertoire. Skinnies will never leave us. Flares are here to stay. Ripped and boyfriend will always have their place in your closet. Really, you should have a go-to pair in every style, but these days I’m particularly fond of the rolled denim look.


ps you can snag that jacket here & those pumps here


these are my fave rolled boyfriend jeans 


this chic pump is 25% off & I’m stalking this blouse

Rolled denim has magic style powers. I love that they take the attention off your physique. The point of these jeans isn’t about how your butt looks. And wouldn’t it be nice to go through your day without ever thinking about that? Rolled denim have a laissez faire, but pulled together attitude about them. When styled properly, you can be approachable, but still be business meeting appropriate. I like a clean crisp denim right now. No need for lots of fading or any faux tears. And leave the stretch for your skinnies. When you invest in 100% real denim, these jeans will mold to you over time.

All you need to add is a good pump and a classic button down and you’ll immediately look pulled together. Since I’m operating on mom-time now and consider myself luck to get in a shampoo before leaving the house, a fool-proof formula for looking and feeling good is winner in my book.

Now I just have to come up with outfits of the other six days of the week.

Any suggestions?!

What do you think?

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  1. This trend makes me very happy! I’m so short that all my jeans have to be rolled anyway, haha! I’ll save the money on alterations and lean in. 🙂